On this week's straight-talking smart tech podcast, The Hack hosts Leon, Paul and Dean talk about 100x Leader episode 15 

100x Maximising Influence- Relationship Before Opportunity 

In this episode of The Hack Podcast on IT from Hull, Leon, Paul and Dean take a look at how to maximise influence, by looking at the subject of relationship before opportunity. They consider the importance of taking time to build relationships both at work and at home as well as who has had the most influence on them in their lives and how to be vulnerable to grow connections. 

What’s discussed? 

Prioritising relationships 
In this honest podcast, the team discusses how important it is to build up trust and relationships slowly over time. They consider different ways that people can become a leader through building relationships, from IT support to encouragement to lowering walls and letting people in. They talk about how important it is to have a collaborative culture and how remote working has changed the way we maintain relationships with our colleagues. 
Appreciating influencers 
By diving deeper into what influence is and how relationships impact us, the podcast looks at how we can learn from those who have influenced us. In this personal episode, they discuss who influenced them the most and what they have learned from them, from wise lessons from Dad to football management techniques. They also think about appreciating the influential people in their lives and making sure they know what impact they have had. 
Leadership qualities 
When it comes to leadership, relationships are so crucial, as are the personality traits that can help with building these. They consider how important it is to be a people person as a leader and how to work on understanding other people. They talk about the importance of being competent and credible in order to be trusted by those you are trying to influence. By prioritising relationships, it can become easier to have people follow you as they have that connection already. 
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