On this week's straight-talking smart tech podcast, The Hack hosts Leon, Paul and Jo are joined by Rebecca Jenkins 
A Woman’s World -Rebecca Jenkins – MD RJEN Leadership, Strategy & Growth Advisor 
Rebecca is from the southwest of Bristol, she lives with her husband Marcus Rebecca says: we've been together for a very long long time! They have two children together, a son 24 and daughter 19. She loves to keep fit. “I love Chocolate as well. So I have to exercise to enjoy chocolate”. 
What’s discussed? 
Rebecca has a true love and passion for business. At the age 32. She started in the transport business, when she trained for her Heavy Goods Vehicle licence. Working for her father's company (Lane Group). After a period working as a driver in grocery distribution, she joined the sales force. The Business grew from 7 Million in new business in just 12 months & went on to employ 1000 members of staff. 
Rebecca's dreams started back in her early 20s after reading the book by Tony Robbins and it's called ‘Awaken the giant within’. Rebecca says: “That book amazed me because it made me realise that you Don't have to be the cleverest person in the world to be successful. And that was a relief to me because I came out of school with a number of GCSEs. I didn't go to university. But made me realise that I had the power within me to achieve my dreams. And I had to set my dreams, right. So that book was really impactful”. 
Being a woman in the business world isn't easy. Speaking with rebecca on this: ”I did a survey on LinkedIn asking female managers, what is the biggest challenge to their role? And it was three simple questions. But the results were that the biggest challenge is having the support and recognition to take their role to the next level, which is really surprising. And they all felt that they were highly effective in their roles. So what is stopping them from getting to that next stage? You know, I think it's just, it still baffles me. So I'm highly supportive of encouraging women to kind of go for the bigger opportunities. Support them as much as I can to achieve that. 
Take a listen to the Inspiring Rebecca, on this week's podcast! 
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