Andrew Horncastle – The habits and beliefs that have changed his life.

October 8th, 2020
Andrew Horncastle – The habits and beliefs that have changed his life.

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Andrew Horncastle The habits and beliefs that have changed his life

Andrew Horncastle, a recent guest on The Pig Wrestling podcast, is a highly successful property entrepreneur, and his unique insights and views on running a business have positioned him perfectly for business growth and prominence. He has a record of delivering many projects affordably and often ahead of time, with his business ideology powering him on to the precise requirements provided by a demanding clientele. As the High Sheriff of the East Riding of Yorkshire, you need a certain level of discipline. Andrew's achievements have also driven him to an MBE, and as a founding member of For Entrepreneurs Only, there is no end to his achievements in sight.

In Andrew's recent appearance on the podcast, he was very candid about what habits he has adopted to change the way he works for the better. The first of these was avoiding the news. Andrew said he is "definitely a happier person" without watching the news, partially because of the nature of the 24-hour news cycle. He discussed getting engulfed in the news and the fact that most of it can tend to be negative. Of course, the bad news is what sells, so you can find yourself struggling to live in the moment because of the deeply negative way the world is presented.

Another habit that Horncastle picked up is "being more careful with my [Andrew's] diet" following bowel issues. With a proper personal trainer, Andrew was able to focus on getting his body into the best possible condition, and of course, a healthy body means a healthy mind. This, along with making sure "you can fit into your life what you need to fit into your life", gives you the ideal combination of productive work life and happy home life. Getting in the best physical and mental space possible opened up a world of opportunities that would have been missed had this not become a focus.

You can hear more about this topic and many more by listening to Andrew Hardcastle's recent appearance on The Pig Wrestling Podcast. Andrew has an inspiring story, and his advice could be life-changing.

Tune in to this week’s must-listen podcast with Andrew.

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