Arriving on the Humber – Finbarr Dowling

March 19th, 2020
Arriving on the Humber – Finbarr Dowling


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Arriving on the Humber - Finbarr Dowling

Finbarr Dowling was born in Cork, Ireland in 1963.
Following secondary school at Astron comprehensive core, an 18-year-old Finbarr spent a year travelling the breadth of the USA, before returning to Ireland in 1982. He began working as a production planner. This role started his love for engineering.
Finbarr was then appointed Project Director for the development and construction of the harbour blade manufacturing and service facility at Alexandra doc home. This development will establish the largest wind turbine production facility in the UK, to be operational in early 2016.
The Alexander dock project has a combined investment of 310 million pounds and aims to create up to 1000 new jobs. It's the biggest single investment that Siemens is making globally.
Finbarr is passionate about Mental Health within the workplace. They have their health scheme “Talk to me” where members of staff can access mental and physical health help.
He's also fallen in love with the Great city of Hull, seeing everything the area has to offer and all the old history. Helping the city of culture grow in the town.
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