On this week's straight-talking smart tech podcast, The Hack hosts Leon and Paul are joined by James Ash & Gemma Gibson 

Biohacking: How biohackers are trying to upgrade their brains, and their bodies. 

The newest episode of The Hack has been released, with your hosts Leon McQuade, James Ash and Paul Longley, as well as guest Gemma Gibson, all making the most of their time on the air for you. This episode offers everything from nutritional diet discussion to digital distraction, and what we can do to keep our productivity high in today’s technical landscape. 

What’s discussed? 

The discussion opens up on diet, lifestyle, and what a positive change can mean for both your physical and mental health. James’ visits to a health coach are the centre of discussion, and he teaches the guys a few things about habit changing, and how adjusting your behaviour over long periods of time to become healthier can be more difficult than short, sharp changes in your day to day routine. 
From here, the discussion turns to the idea of a healthy balance in your life, and what the introduction of social media and the necessity of phones might mean for you. Social media has had such a fundamental impact on everyone’s lives, and we hear first-hand stories from a schoolteacher around the impact phones have on something as simple as eating lunch. The conversation, as usual, returns to business, and how we can apply a step by step ideology to improving our lives. Another idea we explore in this episode is the concept that where you can find a business solution, you can often find a life solution and vice versa. 
As always, The Hack is proud to support Andy’s Man Club, a men’s mental health charity that seeks to ensure that men up and down the company have a safe space they can visit to discuss their thoughts, feelings, and to spend time with others. If you have any concerns about your mental health and wellbeing, visit an Andy's Man Club session near you and get involved. 
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