On this week's straight-talking smart tech podcast, The Hack hosts Leon and Paul are joined by Andrew & Teresa of Dopamin Media over in LA. 

Changing your mindset with a burst of Dopamin - with Andrew & Teresa of Dopamin Media over in LA 

Leon McQuade and Paul Longley are back to host yet another edition of The hack, the smart-talking tech podcast that isn't afraid to dive into a range of issues. In this episode, the team from Dopamin drops in to discuss their work, society, and what social media can mean for the average person going forward. 

What’s discussed? 

Firstly, the conversation delved into what Dopamin does. A Los Angeles based media company, Dopamin offers free photoshoots to the black and LGBT communities, attempting to level the playing field. This has webbed out to include video work thanks to one of the founder's experiences in sound design, and the company has grown ever since. 
In a returning regular segment, we get to find out what the founders of Dopamin have been reading. This week we learned about a book centred around a man that pushes himself to the very limit of both physical and mental endurance, offering readers a significant change in perspective for anyone interested. If you want to find out what book inspired our guests, listen to the episode and you may just find your own mindset shifting. 
Later on in the podcast, our guests discuss failure and the role that it can take in our day to day lives. We all deal with failure at some point in our lives, and the founders of Dopamin are no different. We learned all about how they use failure as a learning opportunity, and a chance to ask questions and grow from the experiences they've faced. 
As always, The Hack is proud to support Andy's Man Club, a men's mental health charity that is there to listen when you need someone to talk to. They offer mental health support groups every Monday all across the country and can help you in your time of need. 
Check out Dopamin Media: 
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