Checklist For Home Working

March 13th, 2020
Checklist For Home Working


Are you home working ready?

What do you need to consider if you or a significant number of your team need to work from home? 

Remote working should be a vital part of your Business Continuity Plan 

Please take some time to think about the following questions so that you're as flexible as you need to be when it comes to remote working.

1) Who - needs to work remotely?

2) What - information do your team need to get things done?

  • Can they access email via their corporate laptop, web browser, tablet or mobile device?
  • What files and folders do they need to access?
  • What business software do they need to access?

3) How - your technology needs to work?

  • Are remote access tools and licencing set up to allow you to access your line of business software and how quickly can you add people who need it? 
  • Do you work from the cloud to access and manage your files & storage (SharePoint, Microsoft Teams & Google Drive) for mission-critical documents or are these stored locally?

4) Calls - What will happen to your telephone calls?

  • If no-one is in the office to field calls can people access your phone system remotely?
  • If that’s a yes can your calls be diverted to your team’s mobile phones, and if so who do they need to go to?

5) Check - Does It Work?

  • Ask a member of your team members who don't normally work remotely to check they have access to everything they need to get their job done?
  • Check with the team to see who needs to work remotely and understand how to access everything they need to?
  • Have you documented and shared your plan with your staff?

If you have made the call for your team to work from home you need to be confident that your business can carry on operating as productively as possible.

We strongly recommend that you consider all the above points, in designing your plan, and testing it works. We suggest trial runs If possible, allowing staff who don't normally work remotely to get a feel for how this will work. 

Updated Friday 13th November

To see help you understand how we have prepared and readied our teams check out; Business Continuity Planning – Preparing for Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Home Working

  • Systems: Does everyone who needs access have access should they not be able to get in the office?
  • Connectivity & Remote Working: Do we have the required connectivity and bandwidth to handle remote working?
  • Devices & People: Do all staff who need to access from home have a secure computer they can work from?
  • Phones: Can staff connect to the office phone system from anywhere, or divert calls?
  • Communication Plans: Is there a key contact list in place that is up to date, so your team know who to call?
  • Supply Chain: Is your supply chain ready, including 3rd party vendors which cover your hardware, software that you run on.

Leon McQuade

Leon McQuade

Co-Founding Director

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