On this week's podcast we have: Digital Distribution - With Ben Rainey 
Ben Rainey is a house DJ and producer. A self-described "mental health facilitator", Ben is quickly developing a reputation with his live stream mixes across the internet. His YouTube mixes are growing in popularity and are sure to perk up the dull lockdown days. 
During this episode, Ben and host Leon McQuade discuss a wide variety of subjects including mental health, social media and business. They ask, what role does social media have to play in maintaining our mental health? 
What’s discussed? 
As an online creative entrepreneur, Ben's DJ work has seen him carve a unique career path for himself and hold a position of influence, so he reflects upon his position as a positive influencer, sharing honest updates about his life with his followers rather than sapping constant holiday snaps. 
This becomes a key focus of the chat, as the pair discuss Ben's work to shine a light on men's mental health issues and the amazing work being done by Andy's Man Club to get men talking to each other about their mental health. Over the course of the podcast, Ben and Leon discuss their own mental health, business and what lessons they've learned recently. 
The pair discuss and listen to some of Ben's music, with him revealing his favourite work to be a cover of Stonebridge 'put em high', saying "the reason that's my proudest is that it was the beginning of lockdown... it was the point when I was the most anxious and down. All of a sudden, I've got this track and it's breaking multi-millions history." 
The perfect way to bust those lockdown blues, we explore Ben's music and work as well as bringing you some light-hearted chat. Covering all of this and more, tune in to the latest episode of "The Hack" now. 
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