Discovering Your Leadership Voice. The 5C's Of Communication. 

How To Discover Your Leadership Voice With The 5C's Of Communication 

Returning for another episode of The Hack, the ninth instalment of our 100X Leader series is now available. It features our hosts Leon McQuade and Paul Longley, who have once more been joined by the dulcet tones of Dean Bulfield. As always, the guys take a meander along the path of leadership, exploring new ideas and leadership concepts along the way. 
Early in the podcast, your hosts dive headfirst into a discussion around failure and rejection, what that can mean for your self-confidence, and how an effective leader can move past these issues. Converting failure into success is one of the most important things a leader can try to do. That's why striving to make the most of every failure sets poor leaders apart from the pack. 

What’s discussed? 

Your hosts also delve into a discussion around development and the role of production evolution in modern markets. Technology is moving faster than anyone could have anticipated, which can be worrying for companies that feel somewhat stuck or have a set product that doesn't evolve. 
Aside from product development, the lads discuss personal development. Leadership courses and personal attributes play a vital role in the world of management today, and if you're not able to develop as either a manager or an employee, you'll get left behind. Focusing on growing as a leader and improving your workplace attributes can put you ahead of the field, something we explore in much greater depth in the episode. 
The Hack, and the 100X Leader mini-series alike, are proud to support Andy's Man Club, a mental health charity based in the north of England, focusing on ensuring that men get the support they need to live a happy and fulfilling life. 
You can improve your leadership prospects and even simply have a good time by listening to The Hack today. 
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