On this week's podcast we have: Disruptive Mental Health - with Leon, Paul & Jo 
At first glance, new year's resolutions can seem like a wholly positive endeavour, especially for someone struggling with their mental health. It's an opportunity to create a whole new me' - a fresh start or a new look. 
With millions volunteering to give that glass of wine the boot for dry January or attempting to get more sleep, it can feel like a massive personal attack the moment you realise you've failed. But is a black and white resolution the only way to make a positive change going into the new year? 
What’s discussed? 
On the first Pig Wrestling Podcast of 2021, our host’s Leon, Paul and Jo discuss the positives and negatives of new year's resolutions when it comes to mental health, and suggest some alternative strategies that have worked for them in the past. 
With COVID restrictions ever-tightening across the UK, and the uncertainty reaching an all-time high, a lot more people are concerned about their own mental health or that of their friends and family. 
This is a particular problem for men, who have the highest suicide rates in the UK. In this episode, the hosts talk about the launch of the new online service Qwell, designed to help men with mental health issues who often struggle to seek help, as well as their own positive exercise habits in lockdown and how to avoid the pitfalls of technology and social media. 
Later in the podcast, they compare their daily routines for a positive day in lockdown and look back at what worked well for them in 2020 that we can learn valuable lessons from to take into the new year. 
If you're looking for some reassurance or ideas for how to start 2021 in the most positive way you can, make sure you give this episode a listen. It might just help you with that fresh perspective, even if you've already given up on your new year's resolution. Learn all about Leon’s 7 steps challenge and how the technology he uses help him be more organised. 
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