Flying Through Life – Francis Rawson Head of Occupational Safety for EasyJet

March 5th, 2020

On this week's podcast we have:

Flying through life - Francis Rawson Head of Occupational Safety for EasyJet

Francis is a Hull-born lad, whose career has taken him down south to London. He travels all over the world with his job as Head of Occupational Safety for EasyJet.
His career has taken him to jobs within Health & Safety and the Environmental sector , being a manager at in Leeds 2011 until 2018.
Why does he do the job of Health and Safety Manager - for the People, to him, that's what it's all about.
He also specialises in behavioural safety and mindset change, through group and personal coaching. Has an excellent track record of changing mindsets and culture to reflect safety, positively with proven business benefits
Listen to him talk about the mindset, the books he loves and the person he would like to speak to most, His Grandad and ask all about his stories of World War 2.
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