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When your WHY is big enough you will find your HOW! Think Cloud PODCAST TAKEOVER!! 
17 Years - Think Cloud - Once we were seventeen years old, our story got told......... 
We celebrate our 17th anniversary of being in business this month. To commemorate this outstanding achievement, co-founding directors Scott Clark, Leon McQuade and Chief of Operations Dean Bulfield have sat down together to record a podcast covering the trials and tribulations Think Cloud has faced during its 17 years in business.. 
What’s discussed? 
Think Clouds success is built on earned knowledge acquired over the past 17 years helping Local Government, Education, Ministry Of Defence Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Engineering, Financial, and Charity sectors, succeed through digital technology. 
Think Cloud started small as a Hull IT Support company. 'Scott had a desk.' Dean recalls, 'and I think the day I started, I had a laptop, pen and paper.' The room itself they began working in was similarly bare, as the team remembered 'no windows, no nothing'. 
In today's economic market, being in business for 17 years is no easy feat. In the past 17 years, Think Cloud has successfully navigated the double-dip recession and are now facing the 2020 COVID-19 recession. On their success, Scott confirms that 'Yeah, we always do our best by the customer.' 
It is this dedication to their customers that have allowed Think Cloud to grow into the company it is today. Scott explains their company ethos in more detail, stating 'we'll always want to be the best, but we also want to be the best for the customer, we want to be their partner, we want to move the customer forward. We want to see a customer grow; we want them to be a success.' 
Leon describes his and Scott's first encounters, telling the story of what it was like to be a customer of the, then Virtual Networking. Recalling a time he refused to accept Scotts advise when he wanted to use G Suite to digitally transform a company founded way back in the 1940s. Scott adding " he wanted me to migrate him to Google G Suite and Xero and to add he told me a week before Christmas. Back then, we were Microsoft; it was what we know and what everyone was using, not GSuite." 
Leon Admitting he needed to call upon Scott and Dean to rescue him when he took it upon himself to migrate the business anyway. Admitting "moving to the Cloud, I got it wrong. It was chaos. But what I would say is, you've always had my back, and you sorted everything out in the background, and you got everything I lost back up, and you got it working. The technology-enabled us to communicate quicker, improve on costs and productivity, make decisions quicker. Which resulted in an eight-figure growth and allowed expansion with an international reach that stretched as far as Europe, America and the UAE" 
It is not just the company ethos that has made the company what it is today, and it is the relationship, dedication and passion of the Think Cloud team. Dean admits that recruitment was of vital importance to Think Cloud. From their early days, revealing 'I think it just takes one bad employee within an organisation to disrupt the full team…and that for me is the culture [of Think Cloud], the team, we're all there to help each other grow, and we want to be winners. That's what I love about working for Think Cloud'. 
Scott echoes this sentiment on this week's special anniversary podcast, stating 'we always have each other's back as customers and obviously as friends.' 
Learn more about Think Cloud's 17-year journey by listening to the full podcast now! 
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