On this week's episode of The Hack, host Leon McQuade is joined by Martin Johnson CEO of Hull's Trans 2Performance, a consultancy specialising in delivering coaching around leadership, management and customer service with an underlying psychological understanding. 
T2Performance aims to process human behaviour to enable increased productivity. 
The pair discuss a wide range of topics including the difficulty in utilizing communication and collaboration, the impact of the pandemic on online working, technology and business. 
Technology is at the heart of this episode as the pair consider what the future may look like in organisations and ponder the possibility of automation, as well as reflecting upon the challenges of an ever-changing workforce. 
What’s discussed? 
As CEO of T2Performance, Martin's position in the industry has enabled him to speak intelligently on a wide range of subjects and this episode is no different. By using his industry knowledge, he offers a fascinating take on a variety of subjects. 
Martin's passion for his company comes across, but more so does his passion for understanding the human being. The thought-provoking discussion continues throughout as the pair ponder a variety of technological advancements with psychological implications. 
Whether a high tech future sounds like a dystopia or utopia, it's important to think about these topics now. Martin asks us to consider that "you're not going to use your phones in 20 years, you're going to be thinking a thought. And through artificial intelligence, it's going to appear on your phone or on your screen" 
This episode provides a remarkable insight with regard to mental health as the pair focus on the idea of challenging behaviours as an organisation and an individual. Through healthy debate, out-of-the-box thinking, and an exploration of ideas, this episode offers some lockdown friendly entertainment. 
Take a listen to this week's podcast. 
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