On this week's straight-talking smart tech podcast, The Hack hosts Leon, Paul and Jo are joined by none other than Jason Rickaby. 
Jason is Co-Founder at HMN24. Host of the Live on Form podcast. Investor. Co-Founder and ex CEO PhD Nutrition. 
Jason formed PhD in 2006 with Mark Bowering and set about taking on the big boys of the industry with a refreshingly honest approach, helping to create a "brand that cuts through the BS". That's certainly something we all need when it comes to nutrition! 
As always, The Hack team is here to dive into the important topics with an emphasis on people, process and technology. With this episode's focus on sport and nutrition, we delve into the mind and body benefits of looking after your physical fitness. 
What’s discussed? 
Having an industry expert like Jason on this week's show presents an opportunity to discuss the link between the body and mental health, as well as masculinity and the very nature of being a man. Jason talks us through his favourite books, his routine, and recovering from failure - something we can all relate to. 
Jason's journey to the top isn't your typical story. Having started PhD at 28 and working hard to get it to where it is today, he has some wise words to impart to our hosts and our audience. Now in his 40s, Jason is keen to reflect on his journey to becoming the man and business person he is today. 
Being at the forefront of a nutrition company in the fitness field means Jason has a fascinating insight into the connection between physical and mental exercise. Jason's experience suggests that finding comfort in your body can transmit comfort to your brain, allowing you to recover from the stresses of day-to-day life, let alone the last year of uncertainty. It might not be a magical cure-all, but there are definitely benefits to be found in exercise and nutrition. 
All this and much more make for another episode of The Hack. It’s not one to miss! . 
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