On this week's straight-talking smart tech podcast, The Hack hosts Leon & Paul talk about filling a void! 

How To Fill a void with positivity! 

In this episode, Leon, Paul and Dean focus on how to build trust and maximise influence – whether it be in a team or individual context. In particular, the hosts talk about the impact of character and credibility on people’s ability to influence otheThis week's podcast was recorded after hosts Leon and Paul attended Ant Middleton's tour, 'Mind of over muscle'. 
Ant Middleton rose to fame in 2015 when his show 'SAS: Who dares wins' first aired on Channel 4. He continued to be the primary host and instructor of the show until 2021, when he was terminated from the position due to his controversial behaviour on social media and reports of misconduct towards members of the crew on set. Despite this controversy, Middleton has landed on his feet and has found success by touring motivational speeches based on his books.rs and inspire them—understanding how morals and values can affect leadership to owning your processes. 

What’s discussed? 

Leon and Paul discuss on the podcast how they were both struck with Middleton's ideas on mindsets and how many of us operate in a negative mindset, whether in our personal or professional lives, without realising it. Instead of being indulged, negative voids must be filled with positivity. Both Leon and Paul share personal experiences with loss and explore this subject about negative mindsets. 
The hosts note that the talk's timing was particularly poignant as Middleton presented an analogy about World War 2, exploring how the British public was forced to adapt, adjust and build due to the war; this is particularly relevant due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Although pandemic restrictions may be out of our control, both men agree we've got to get on with it, and we've got to make the best out of it. 
In addition to sharing what Paul and Leon believe to be the best advice given by Middleton, such as 'change starts with you' and 'there's no growth in comfort, they share their own experiences such as the fear of committing to change and the fear of failure. 
Listen now to learn more about overcoming the fear of failure and the importance of having a positive mindset when running or starting a business in a pandemic. 
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