In this week's Podcast, Leon and Paul host the show with guest Noel Parkinson, ex-footballer, businessman and mentor. 

Be ahead of the game with Noel Parkinson 

Ahead Of The Game 

Noel Parkinson can tell you one thing for sure: it's not easy to make it as a professional football player. Noel was born in Hull in 1959 and is a former England schoolboy who played in the Football League as a midfielder, beginning his career at Ipswich Town, before playing on loan at Bristol Rovers and Brentford and later permanently signing for Mansfield Town, Scunthorpe United and Colchester United. 
Noel had to retire from football earlier than he would have liked due to injury. However, he didn't let this stop him from achieving future success. After retiring from the game, he became a radio sports reporter in Humberside and before moving into the wold of sales, from Photocopiers to car sales. Noel worked as Managing Director of Dixon Direct before moving on and founding online care retailer "" in Yorkshire which generated £23 million in turnover back in 2010 with which he was tasked to expand, managment consultant to estate planning. Noel still firmly has his hand in the motor trade as Director of DuraCare, providers of total vehicle protection who supply high performance durability coatings, that are the future of vehicle protection! 
So how did Noel go from a football player to a successful businessman? We sat down with him to find out as Noel shared his insights on staying "on top of your game" and "earning your right to play!" 
These days he also has a passion for supporting other entrepreneurs with their business growth through mentoring and assisting with research and development. He's a natural-born winner who specialises in business operations and sales. Noel attributes much of his success to his positive attitude, determination and "hates to lose." You've got to want it more than anyone else; You've to be prepared to put the hours in and make the sacrifices. For him, football is like life. "Everything that goes on in football happens in day-to-day life." 

Earn your right to play 

During the podcast, Noel talks about the two inspiring quotes his football coach Sir Bobby Robson used to say, "don't forget; earn your right to play, which Noel explains; "you need to get on top of it, doing everything right yourself and on top of your opponent so that you can then go on to express yourself." 
"So if you think about that in any terms, that's where you want to be. You want to be on top of your own game, doing the things that you do well and right and getting on top of what might be your competition. That way, you'll reap the rewards," Noel feels he has done all along. 

The top two inches are everything 

His second favourite quote from Robson is that "the top two inches are everything", which refers to the top two inches of your head. Noel explains this means "you're tactically astute. You're mentally attuned. Your competitive spirit is there, and you want to win, and then you piece it clinically all together while you're playing, then you are flying!" 
The top 2 inches are the difference between success and failure-referring to mental strength and are vital to success, particularly in sports, as it often separates the good from the very best. 
Noel talks about the lessons he has learnt from failures, how he went through a divorce, learned to take stock and understands he had a part to play in that and that the losses can teach you a lot about yourself; he recognised he was working too much with too longer hours which added to the breakdown. 
"You learn as you get older, you are going to lose at times, things are not going to go right, you are going to get beat." 

Everything in Moderation 

The trio discuss finding the right balance in life and doing everything in moderation by evaluating the situation. That same rule goes for work, play, social media, technology, alcohol, and takeaways-there needs to be a balance between managing the levels! 
When asked the question, "Knowing now, what advice would you give yourself at 18, and what advice should you have ignored? " 
Noel doesn't feel you should ignore any advice. Again, it's about evaluating it and taking it on board, even if it appears to be emotionally bad advice or because you disagree with it. There is always something you can take away from criticism. 
Evaluate it, take what you want from it and leave the rest. You live and learn from your experiences, both good and bad. 

Protecting the future 

Noel is now involved in Signet Wills and Trusts, helping people who don't have anything in place. Allowing them to get everything in order talking things in layman's terms about where they're at and what they want to achieve from what they've got for when life changes and they need to protect the future. 
Noel has always been a great communicator, and this new venture is a perfect way for him to help people in a down-to-earth way. Signet Wills and Trusts is all about giving people the peace of mind that comes from knowing their affairs are in order, and Noel is passionate about helping people achieve this. 
If you have any questions and what to get in touch with Noel, he is happy for you to give him a call or drop him an email 
Noel can be contacted at the following: 
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