International Superstar DJ Ben Rainey

International Superstar DJ Ben Rainey

International Superstar DJ Ben Rainey


International Superstar DJ & Music Producer Ben Rainey is on this week’s show. We discuss what life's like headlining, in Ibiza, Dubai, Ayia Napa and Antwerp — performing at The Ocean Beach Club, Ibiza for SIN Sundays, Zero Gravity, Dubai. With Ben performing alongside Claptone, Roger Sanchez, Disciples and Europe’s most prominent dance festival, Tomorrowland to name but a few. We ask what life is like as one of Hulls biggest Instagram stars.

Ben is one of Hull’s finest who is taking the world by storm with his unique style. When he’s not jet setting around the world, he is a resident DJ at Hulls Barrow Boys, and today he is in the studio for our Pig Wrestling Podcast.

We learn about the real Ben Rainey, who’s a real mummy's boy who loves nothing more than sharing kisses and cuddles with his mum, Gran and sister with whom he idolises. We uncover the roots of his love of music and the influence his mum and dad have played in shaping Bens style.

Discussing his passion for spending hours in the studio, making music can, at times take over his life. We dig deep and learn the tools and the tactics he uses to manage his hectic schedule. And what it's like to be an influencer on social media and how he manages to unplug and unwind. And how helping others came back to help him to save Luke Campbells 30th birthday bash. With his new little 11-year-old protege Taylor coming to his rescue. Who he’s helped carve out her international DJ career. 

The power of gratitude, from lessons he's unearthed from his time spent with Revd Tony Cotson.  

A question we should have asked but we didn't uncover Ben has a GCSE in Japanese.


“ Hi my name is Ben “

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International Superstar DJ Ben Rainey

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