Is your tendency to Protect, Liberate, Abdicate or Dominate? 

Learn How To Liberate Others  

In this second episode of The Hack's new mini-series '100X Leader Challenge', your hosts Leon McQuade and Paul Longley dig further into what makes a successful leader, questioning whether you tend to protect and liberate abdicate or dominate. 
This series focuses on the 100X Leader program, a new Giant Platform offering leadership and life skills. In the last episode, Leon and Paul took on the Peace Index, examining the points which make up their percentage. This episode continues that exploration, with the duo contemplating their own leadership styles and areas they would like to develop. 

What’s discussed? 

As we further explore people, processes and technology, this mini-series provides an opportunity for the hosts to take listeners on a journey too, seeking to educate and explore alternative methods for self-improvement. In Episode 2, Leon and Paul discuss elements of their friendship, reflecting on the past and planning for the future - something we should all do with people we care about. They provide a refreshingly honest promotion for men's mental health issues. 
Conversation centres on the subject of mistakes, and how we pick ourselves up after one. They provide personal anecdotes from their careers and sporting lives. 
With this new mini-series focused on the 100X Leader platform (Sign up for free personal) , rather than a guest appearance, we're able to learn more about our hosts and the way they tick. Inspired by former guests and challenges, the duo's journey allows the listener to develop an understanding of the men behind the microphone and ponder what techniques could help in our own lives. 
As always The Hack seeks to promote the wonderful work of Andy's Man Club, an organisation both Leon and Paul work with to promote positive mental health in men. 
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