It’s OK not to be OK the Road to Recovery EXPLICIT CONTENT.

January 30th, 2020
It’s OK not to be OK the Road to Recovery EXPLICIT CONTENT.


It's OK not to be OK the Road to Recovery EXPLICIT CONTENT.

Hull FC & Salford EX professional rugby player Jansin Turgut

 A Hull lad through and through, Jansin played professional rugby for Hull FC & Salford. He represented England Academy under 18s v Australia Schoolboys in 2014. Making his professional debut in 5th Match 2015 against Leeds Rhinos. Going onto captain Turkey's national side in the emerging nations 2018 world Championship. He has love and passion for the game and talks about players he's had the pleasure to play alongside.

 As always we dig deep on real problems, people wrestle their minds, with none bigger than the battle Jasin has been tackling with his mental health. Sharing for the first time that the Ibiza car park fall was an attempt to take his life.

 We uncover how Jansin is now working to controls his mind, as he shares the tools and strategies he has put in place, from transcendental meditation to getting back into the gym.

 A great supporter of Andys Man club, Jansin is fired up like never before to run head-on and help to tackle the stigmas that still surround mental health. Sharing

“I didn’t want to end my life; I wanted to end the pain I was going through."

 A lesson learned following him having to endure breaking both my legs, “I broke my pelvis in half. I fractured L1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 in my spine and then I broke every bone in my face.”

 He highlighted Tyson Fury’s message of support as a particular inspiration.

He said: “Laid in the hospital bed seeing that brought me to tears and I couldn’t quite believe that he’d… for somebody that suffered from mental health and has been able to put himself back into the game, the sport of boxing as well and overcome it.

 Jansin has never been more determined in his life given his “second chance” to run at the big thing. He is helping others by sharing his story and helping organisations such as Andys Man Club to bang the drum that it is Okay To Talk.

PS. We had some fantastic guests on the show in 2019, and 2020 is looking just as good. It's good to be back up and running at our big thing.

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