Living His Dream – Max Leo – Singer & Songwriter

August 27th, 2020
Living His Dream – Max Leo – Singer & Songwriter

On this week's podcast we have:

Living His Dream - Max Leo - Singer & Songwriter

Max Leo is an up and coming singer, songwriter and recording artist from Patna, East Yorkshire. Aside from his passion for music, Max enjoys the benefits of being a season ticket holder at Leeds United FC.

Max has been surrounded by music for the majority of his life, having begun performing and writing music at the impressively young age of nine, with Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Frank Ocean being some of his major inspirations. He said, “I was surrounded by music all the time with my parents. “My mum was very much into her acoustic music. “Whereas my dad was into his bands like Oasis and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I feel like I got a really good balance between the two.”

In the following few years, he started by gaining a following within his hometown and became an integral part of its music scene. Later, Max went to University, which he regrets – “I was listening to people around me too much. “My advice would be to do what your gut says.” Around five years ago, Max moved to London to pursue his music career further. He has recently been recording in Spain and has spent the past year working on his debut project.

We asked what the glitz and glamour of the music scene is really like. Max says, “I think the thing people don’t see is the struggle of getting to where you’d like to be. And it’s actually quite a lonely job. If you work in an office or retail you’re constantly surrounded by people, but as a musician, unless you’re on stage, you’re on your own writing songs.”

The one thing Max has learned from a book is to not care about other people’s opinions. He said, “When someone says something negative about you, it doesn’t actually have an effect on anything, nothing happens other than you caring about it. If you can release that care, it can never have an impact on you. That book really taught me to just not give a damn about anything."

This week’s podcast is a must-listen, so tune in to hear up and coming artist Max Leo.

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