On this week's straight-talking smart tech Brand new podcast, The Hack hosts Leon, Paul and Jo are joined by Actionable Futurist Andrew Grill. 

Looking into the future of business! 

This week's The Hack episode, hosted by Leon, Paul and Jo, features the brilliant guest Andrew Grill to discuss his career as an actionable futurist, what that entails and how technology is transforming the world around us. 

Looking into the future professionally 

In this fascinating episode, Andrew Grill discusses his career as a futurist and what it takes to look into the future and predict what might happen. He takes the team back to when he started in Adelaide, Australia, writing an essay for his degree on the future and a brave new world and how this led him towards actionable futurism. He describes how he has to stay months, rather than decades, ahead of his clients and how near term futurism can be more practical and useful than flying cars. 

Transformative technology 

The team discuss recent innovations in the technology sector, like Facebook's new Metaverse, NFTs and office communication tools like slack. They also talk about the challenges that come with a rapidly expanding tech sector, the new skills we have to learn and how hard it can be trying to keep up. 
They also talk about the huge way technology can improve lives and make things easier, with online video calls instead of flights across the world, but also the joy of finally getting back on stage. As always, the recent pandemic has shifted communication online more than ever before and it has also brought a range of challenges for people as they rethink their careers. 

A collaborative workspace 

Talking about the power of collaboration, the way technology enables this and how to work out loud, they look at how businesses can communicate better. 
They also think about the leaders of the future, whose first phone was an iPhone and how they might use technology to open communication throughout organisations. 
They talk about having the right IT support in place to handle the recent surge in online communication, from cyber security measures to cloud platforms. 

Learning from experience. 

Whether working with major companies like IBM, Telstra and Optus to helping young startups, Andrew Grill shares his unique experiences and insights and how we can all try and embrace the future together. 
Find out more about Andrew Grill 
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