On this week's straight-talking smart tech podcast, The Hack hosts Leon, Paul and Jo are joined by Shane Fisher Owner of Eagle fish media. 

Shane Fisher of Eaglefish Media Discusses How to Make Your Dream a Reality  

Originally from Hull, Shane has been living in Majorca for the last 20 years. Shane attended Malet lambert High School Hull, then moved onto Wilberforce college studying Business Travel and Tourism. Shane says; "If I'm honest, I left college because I got a bit disillusioned. I didn't have a clue about what I was going to do. I then got myself a part-time job which was at McDonald's on St. Andrews Quay. It then became a full-time job very quickly." 
What’s discussed? 

Coming back to Hull was an Eye-Opener 

Shane went on a lads holiday back in 1999 to Magaluf for two weeks. After getting offered a job completely randomly. Life started to change from there. He took the job and still lives on the island now. He was Managing bars and nightclubs. Working in the same club for 11 years working his way up from barman, promotions manager, General Manager and ended up running the club. He then moved on to a different bar just down the street called the Midline, for two years. 
After returning to Hull for a short time, he started to consider a career change. Shane says:" It was a big problem for me to be fair, I loved what I was doing but knew I wasn't going to do that forever. There's no way you're going to be standing outside a nightclub at 45 or not for me anyway". 
Coming back to Hull, opened his eyes, into the world of Marketing. He was working with Alex Hall at the time and our very own Leon McQuade. They all shared an interest in personal development and training. Attending The Wolf of Wall Street and Tony Robbins seminars. Knowing when he came back to England, it wasn't for him. Shane said: "I've been away for that long. I didn't feel like it was right for me. I knew I was always meant to come back here." So Shane went back to Magaluf, taking what he had learned, and ready for the next chapter. 
With a new mindset; instead of just thinking he was going to run a bar, he knew there was something bigger he could do. "There's a big online world out there, and that's going to help me work all year round. So I started to work and study on that". He was learning all the different tools that he needed. 
Shane now has his own company; Eagle Fish Media. Which he set up from his apartment in Magaluf. He offers consultancy and training, helping tourism-based businesses attract more clients and customers. By showing them how to make use of online marketing. Working from home, nothing much has changed for Shane's working life throughout lockdown. He's tried to keep a daily routine to help with his mental health and not to lose his focus. 
Take a listen to this week's Podcast with Shane Fisher. 
Find out more about Eaglefish Media 
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