Mind,Body,Soul & Lockdown – Sarah Winn, owner of Fitsista

June 11th, 2020
Mind,Body,Soul & Lockdown – Sarah Winn, owner of  Fitsista

On this week's podcast we have:

Mind,Body,Soul & Lockdown - Sarah Winn, owner of Fitsista

This week's podcast is a little different, with some new questions. We are calling it our ‘Piglet Podcast’.

On our first Piglet, we are joined by the wonderful Sarah Winn, owner of Fitsista. Sarah has a great passion for Health and Fitness. FitSista was established in 2010 after going through her very own Health and Fitness journey.- “I was once overweight and unfit myself!”

Now in her 40’s and feeling fit and fantastic. She truly believes that leading a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle brings so many amazing benefits – both physically and mentally. Sarah loves her job as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor as it enables her to Motivate and Inspire other people. Helping them embrace this type of Lifestyle too.

Sarah Says “I provide Motivation, Inspiration, Support and Expertise – not just from my own personal experience (I really have been there myself!) but from working with many different types of clients. Finding out what actually works and what doesn’t, for each individual”.

Talking about the challenges she has faced with her business in lock down, and how she has managed to keep her business going. “My main challenge I've had to face was having to switch my business almost overnight. To do everything online. I've not got great IT skills at all, it's not really something that interests me. It's one of those things I never get around to doing. Due to the situation I've had to muddle through and Learn more. All Last minute just to keep my business going! So that's been a pretty big challenge for me really, but I'm quite proud of myself.”

Take a listen to this week's Piglet Podcast.
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