On this week's straight-talking smart tech podcast, The Hack hosts Leon, Paul and Dean are joined by none other than Murphy Lee. 

No Holding Back - Murphy Lee, Grammy Award Winning Rapper 

In a recent podcast with Think Cloud, American Grammy-award winner Murphy Lee spoke to the hosts Leon, Paul and Dean about everything from new technology to living in St Louis and the importance of education. Dropping in from the USA, this honest discussion looks at productive habits, success despite failure and creative processes. 

What's discussed? 

This unique podcast takes a look at the life and career of Murphy Lee, what it was like growing up in St Louis and what’s in the future for this lyrical genius. Honest, warm and friendly, he and the hosts reflect on his lyric writing process and how America and the UK differ. They discuss learning from failure, coping when things go wrong and self-knowledge. It’s also a profound look at the various issues affecting people today and how hard success is, despite how easy everything looks on Instagram or social media. He looks at how he keeps going even when things are hard, learning to focus and ‘just do it’. 
As a self-confessed huge fan of technology, Murphy Lee reflects on how the world has changed and how the pandemic has affected life on both sides of the Atlantic. Diving deeper, he discusses where he gets inspiration, his constant quest for knowledge, and some of his very favourite lyrics. This artist is known for his early talent and his incredible collaborations with other rappers. The podcast also discusses his upcoming music, what has influenced his career and his favourite feel-good playlist. He talks about the books he read which affected him, from the dictionary to the work of Elijah Muhammad and how important it is to continue learning from everything. 
The powerful message that everything is temporary and it’s okay to need help is incredibly refreshing, especially from such a talented and highly-regarded rapper. This open discussion about life in the modern world covers everything from feeling low to trying new careers to legalising cannabis. He encourages listeners to be humble, believe in themselves and treat others with respect. Listen now for a unique and honest discussion about life in 2021 for Murphy Lee and the Think Cloud team. 
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