On this week's straight-talking smart tech podcast, The Hack hosts Leon, Paul and Jo are joined by Phylip Morgan. 
One giant leap into digital technology- with Phylip Morgan! 
During this edition of The Hack, with Leon and Paul, the guys sit down with special guest Phylip Morgan and dish on leadership and all things tech. They aim to wake listeners up to what life would be like without the tech in our lives – especially in the healthcare sector, without specific cancer treatments and MRI scanners, etc. Also, they discuss how technology has shifted these days from NASA sending a man to space in 1961 to how Elon Musk is decarbonising his Tesla vehicles in 2021, etc. This blog post aims to capture the standout moments from this podcast – giving you three reasons to listen in. 
What’s discussed? 
The importance of switching off! 
Throughout this podcast episode, all three talk about the importance of reaching into your bag or pocket and switching off your phone. It can be empowering to put this to the back of your mind and focus on your work or what you enjoy. However, they acknowledge how complicated this process can be. What if I miss out on something important? It's an acknowledgement of the grip that technology can have over our minds. 
How technology saves time! 
Around the midpoint of the podcast, induction to chargers is made. Usually, one is kept in the car, the other in Leon’s person. This is a note on how technology is used to save us time. By placing our phones on induction chargers, we’re still free to carry on with whatever we are doing. We’re saving ourselves time as we’re no longer chaining ourselves to desks or having to take time out whilst waiting for our tech to recharge. However, we pay money for this, and it’s a rather interesting notion that we pay more for technology that saves us time. 
The importance of technology to businesses! 
Throughout the podcast, one point is that knowing all there is to know about repairing a particular brand’s motorbike is a lot easier than doing business out of it. This is because of the technological knowledge that people have to have on administrative processes before they can even think about becoming leaders in that area. 
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