On this week's straight-talking smart tech podcast, The Hack hosts Leon, Paul and Dean talk about 100x Leader episode 14 

How To Overcome Self-Preservation To Unleash Your Leadership 

Welcome back to another episode of The Hack. This week, the guys reflect on the recent training on self-preservation and explore tips on overcoming self-preservation.  
Nothing is off-limits in this week's podcast as the hosts discuss the topic of self-preservation in terms of grief (reflecting on the loss of their fathers), conflict in the workplace and redundancy. One of our hosts explains his experience of being made redundant and how this impacted his self-preservation. 

What’s discussed? 

The podcast kicks off with a fact that may surprise some listeners: humans are born with only two fears, the fear of loud noises and falling. Everything else is a learned behaviour. This information can put other worries, such as the fear of failure, into a unique perspective and explains why many people default to self-preserving tendencies. 
The hosts discuss overcoming self-preservation, which calls out your behaviour and holds you accountable. To be effective, the questions must be answered with total honesty. 
In addition to reflecting on overcoming self-preservation, The Hack podcast hosts offer advice based on their own experiences, suggesting one of the most effective ways to overcome self-preservation is to stay in your lane, learn from your own mistakes, and focus on yourself rather than making frequent comparisons to others. If you'd like to learn more about the Giant platform thats discussed in this episode for free for individual use using our link  
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