Owning her failures – Jess Clark PR Consultant at Divine Clark PR

September 17th, 2020
Owning her failures  –  Jess Clark PR Consultant at Divine Clark PR

On this week's podcast we have:

Owning her failures - Jess Clark PR Consultant at Divine Clark PR

For over 23 years, Jess Clark has been immersed in the PR industry, working in-house and with agencies for a range of sectors, including oil, fish and charities. In 2009, Jess began to truly dominate the world of PR, by opening her own PR company, Divine Clark PR Limited.

Jess joins us for this week's podcast and discusses everything from owning her failures to what she has learnt from the COVID-19 lockdown.

Since 1997, the PR industry has changed wildly, due to the introduction of social media and the wide-spread adoption of smart technology. Instead of resisting change, Jess embraced industry advancements and created Divine Clark PR to utilise social media to create exciting PR campaigns.

Jess explains on our podcast, "I've got a PR company based in Hull called divine Clark PR and I work together with my husband. We're both business partners and we've got two children, Ruby and Casper." It hasn't always been the easiest journey for Jess, but she reveals that one of her biggest life lessons has been "not to be ashamed of my failures".

From a young age, Jess recalls being ashamed of her failures. She explains, "The biggest thing that stuck with me for quite a long time was that I failed my GCSEs and, and I never used to tell anybody what my grades were because I was so embarrassed about it and totally ashamed."

Rather than letting this fear and shame hold her back, Jess looked to the teaching of Marisa Peer, particularly her 'I am enough' message. 'I am enough' is a quote Jess has lived by for all of her adult life.

She explains this in detail on our podcast, expressing "you can apply it to absolutely any area of your life or any negative thoughts…whether that's school grades, your body image or your family situation or friends. Whatever it is, it's enough, you're doing enough, you are enough."

Unlike many of us, Jess refrained from making any extravagant purchases during lockdown but admits to indulging in plant purchases. "I didn't really buy anything through lockdown apart from food obviously… and plants, I just went mad on buying plants."

Plants are not the only thing Jess has taken from lockdown, she also recognised how infrequently she was allowing herself to take a break and now plans to give herself mandatory 6 weeks' holiday throughout the year, no matter

Tune in to this week’s must-listen podcast with Jess.

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