If you don’t shoot, you don’t score – Chiedu Oraka

October 15th, 2020

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If you don't shoot, you don't score - Chiedu Oraka

In his recent visit to the Pig Wrestling Podcast, Hull composer Chiedu Oraka talked through a range of subjects, from his best recent purchase to habits that have changed his life.

Here are 4 ways your business can get ahead of the tech curve

October 9th, 2020

The key to finding competitive advantage is by embracing innovation. So no matter how trivial or whimsical a technological development may seem, you’ll want to keep an open mind about what it can do for you. But for a small company, what does “embracing innovation” actually entail? Read on to learn more. Be an early […]

Andrew Horncastle – The habits and beliefs that have changed his life.

October 8th, 2020

On this week's podcast we have:

Andrew Horncastle The habits and beliefs that have changed his life

Andrew Horncastle, a recent guest on The Pig Wrestling podcast, is a highly successful property entrepreneur, and his unique insights and views on running a business have positioned him perfectly for business growth and prominence.

Here’s why you need a VPN and how to choose one

October 5th, 2020

Installing antivirus software and using strong passwords are no longer considered the bare minimum in cybersecurity. With your online activities transparent to internet service providers, third parties, and hackers alike, it’s important to keep your information secure and private by using a virtual private network (VPN). Here’s why. What is a VPN? A VPN creates […]

Perks of using dual monitors

September 28th, 2020

While dual monitor setups aren’t as popular as single monitor setups, you should consider working with two screens since doing so has a lot of advantages. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of dual monitors. Enhanced productivity A survey by Jon Peddie Research shows that working with dual monitors increases overall productivity […]

Happy 17th Birthday to Think Cloud!

September 24th, 2020

On this week's podcast we have:The Team Of Think Cloud

Happy 17th Birthday to Think Cloud!

17 Years - Think Cloud - Once we were seventeen years old, our story got told.........

We celebrate our 17th anniversary of being in business this month.

Make the most out of Microsoft Word with these tips

September 23rd, 2020

Microsoft Word remains the word processing software of choice for businesses large and small. With Word, you can create a wide variety of documents, from reports to invoices to brochures. Word also has a number of features that, when utilized properly, could greatly enhance your productivity and efficiency at work. Let’s take a look at […]

5 Useful tricks to cut your cloud costs

September 21st, 2020

Business owners need to be aware that there are certain unexpected costs associated with the cloud. These costs may not add up to much at first, but they can eventually cost you more than the service is worth. You need to know what measures you can take to keep those costs down. Pay the right […]

How automation boosts your small business’s marketing

September 18th, 2020

A solid marketing strategy can make a business profitable. Unfortunately, in the past, not all small businesses were able to spend a huge amount of their budget on marketing. With marketing automation becoming more and more accessible to small enterprises, that has changed. Here are marketing automation benefits your small business should leverage. Inbound lead […]