State Of Fear - Psychological Independence 

State Of Fear - Psychological Independence 

The Hack is back for the big one! It's Series 10 of the 100x Leader Challenge, our popular mini-series. Hosts Leon McQuade and Paul Longley are once again joined by Dean Bulfield, as our presenters discuss leadership, technology and their personal usage of social media platforms. 
The 100X Leader series podcast sees our presenters invite listeners and guests with them on a journey to establish just what exactly leadership is, how you can spot it, and a range of attributes you need to excel in the world of business leadership. In this episode, our hosts take a deep dive into a range of subjects, including a topical look into the marketing of COVID 19 vaccines and how these give us lessons on how to present our products and the role of choice in modern markets. You can sign up for free to develop your leadership skills here on the Giant Platform

What’s discussed? 

Behavioural science also plays a major role in this episode as Leon, Paul and Dean discuss the science behind refusing to go to bed as a child and how it relates to "decision fatigue", an issue that we all face in our day to day lives. Making decisions is at the heart of management and leadership, after all, working out how and why particular decisions are made can be key to making the most of leadership roles. 
If you'd like to learn about all facets of leadership, from networking to communication to decision making, there's no better resource than this episode of the 100X Leader Series. 
The Hack and 100X Leader series strives to promote the great work done by Andy's Man Club, a non-profit mental health organisation focused on getting men the support they need to resolve issues and improve their mental health. 
Listen to The Hack today for more insight that you can't hear anywhere else. 
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