Supporting and Challenging ourselves. 

Learn The Superpower Of Supporting & Challenging Yourself 

The latest instalment of The Hack's, 100x Leader, sees your hosts Leon McQuade and Paul Longley explore further the Giant Platform that's giving them new life and leadership skills. 
This episode sees our hosts tackle how we support and challenge ourselves and what we can do to improve rather than 'reinventing the wheel'. The lads talk about how we as humans operate and what it is that makes us tick. They discuss personality testing and the intricacies of human psychology. 

What’s discussed? 

The Giant Platform 100x Leader, - Sign Up Free For Here - which is the focus of this new mini-series, was introduced by the previous guest Steve Cockram. As our hosts go along this journey, you are invited to explore the platform for yourself and develop your own leadership and life skills along the way. 
The platform has provided an opportunity for the listener to get to know the hosts a little better and this week is no different as Leon and Paul delve into people, processes and technology as they reflect further upon their personal and professional relationship. This sees the duo not only reflect on their experiences as a pair but also individually, providing an honest insight into their own lives and mental health. 
Listen now to our latest fresh and insightful episode. πŸ‘Šβ€πŸŒπŸš€ 
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