BE YOU – Andy Train, NHS Nurse, First aid Trainer, Team member of Hull Pride

May 21st, 2020
BE YOU – Andy Train, NHS Nurse, First aid Trainer, Team member of Hull Pride

On this week's podcast we have:

BE YOU - Andy Train, NHS Nurse, First aid Trainer, Team member of Hull Pride

Andy is a local lad from the great City of Hull. Starting his younger years at Bricknell Junior School and Hull Grammar School. Then Studying to become a Nurse at the University of Hull. Going on to a full-time career in the Accident & Emergency unit, at Hull Royal Infirmary. Having a passion for first aid training, set him on a journey to be self-employed. Helping to save lives with his own unique style. This Helped Andy to find time to build his love of performing arts. A highlight was the Edinburgh Fringe Festival showcasing his talents. Which includes stand up comedy and street theatre. Creating’ The Gold Man’ he became synonymous with the City of Culture Hull 2017 bid.

Growing up in a “traditional family” with the church, built a perception of society. Which put a lid on Andy being his true authentic self. Andy says about finally coming out “ I suppose I could sit in the closet forever, my sexuality is a bit complex. People say that I'm a gay guy as its kind of easy to wrap your head around. Actually, I'm more what's called pansexual. Now, I don't know whether or not that's something that everybody gets. It's a bit more complicated than being bisexual. Because I've had relationships with women, men and also relationships with trans guys”. It lifted the lid on him if you like, then that's when the performance side, the more colourful side, the rainbow side of Andy came out.

Having Suicidal thoughts, Andy struggled to go to a point where he didn't quite understand—feeling a bit more miserable each day. Being the 80s, there weren't many people or places for Andy to turn too. Andy started to help out on the Samaritans helpline as he knew himself how hard it was. Andy says “Organisations like this existed. But You need people with either that experience or to have more insider knowledge”. He thought it was shameful that they were sending people out of town. To get the help you'd need to contact somebody in either London or Brighton or Manchester where there was a higher concentration of LGBTQ.

So they brought in organisations like masma, “they need to set up specific services that will cater to people. There is a massive gap in the market for supporting people questioning their sexual orientation around the whole thing about same-sex relationships”. Andy is a big advocate in helping the LGBTQ community.
He is one of the many amazing people who run Hulls Pride. It runs every year in Hull’s city centre. It just gets bigger and bigger. Andy says, “we've got such a fantastic team of people when an event gets that big and important you need that around you. Hull is currently a Europride, 2023 candidate”. Hull is competing with a lot of other cities, in these wonderfully weird and scary times that we're in.

Take a listen to this fantastic podcast and hear more about Andy's story.

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