On this week's podcast we have: The Massive MYTH of Productivity! - Jack Foster 
On this week's straight-talking smart tech podcast, The Hack hosts Leon and Jo are joined by none other than Jack Foster. 
Once again, The Hack is back and here to attack with more thought-provoking discussion around people, process and technology. This week your hosts Leon and Jo are joined by digital marketing expert Jack Foster, Head of Brand at 43 Clicks North, a digital marketing agency based in Hull. 
Founded three years ago, 43 Clicks provides international clients with unparalleled service from its base in Northeast England. Aiming to help companies achieve digital success online and beyond, Jack's role in the company is developing branding. He provides valuable insight into what 43 Clicks could do for your company. 
Jack's appearance on the show allows the hosts to delve into a variety of wide-reaching subject matter. His expertise in marketing provides a fresh and honest take on the role of social media and the benefits from an institutional, as well as individual, perspective. Plus, the group continues to talk about the role of social media in our lives, maintaining a healthy relationship with your phone and using technology for self-improvement. 
Discussion continues to centre around the effectiveness of work, motivation and process, with Jack providing some thoughtful insight into the world of digital media and how companies are targeting consumers. 
Throughout the show, there remains an emphasis on how we learn; how we as humans process the information in front of us. This is a topic which perhaps has been complicated by our ever-evolving relationship with technology. 
As ever, the show aims to promote better mental health by opening the floor to honest discussions. In examining and dissecting the growing role of technology in our lives, the group are able to provide some compelling personal stories of their own. With each of the groups offering some insight into which techniques they use, there are valuable tips and tricks that we can apply to our own personal relationship with our phone and social media, something often overlooked in our day to day lives. 
One thing that is for sure - your phone is good for listening to this week's thought-provoking episode of The Hack! 
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