Think Cloud Named One of the 50 Best It Companies for the 5th Year Running

February 8th, 2021
Think Cloud Named One of the 50 Best It Companies for the 5th Year Running

2020 was a tough time for many businesses. Simply surviving last year is enough reward. But getting recognised for all the hard graft we put in keeping other businesses afloat is such a great way to round off a chaotic year. Also, appearing in the top 50 was particularly significant for 2020 as it was the year when the nation depended on its technology most. Challenges such as the rapid shift to online work and even greater dependence on strong connectivity meant that our professionalism and reliability needed to be even more bulletproof than usual.

Think Cloud

About the award

The 50 Best Managed IT Companies likes to go beyond revenue and select its winners based on 12 criteria. Here are the areas on which Think Cloud was assessed.

1. Business vision and strategy

We needed to have one and have it implemented by our stakeholders.

2. Human resources

Think Cloud had to be recruiting the right people and be looking after them properly after joining.

3. Sales process

Factors such as careful use of a CRM and strong closing rates were required.

4. Marketing process

Think Cloud needed a comprehensive marketing strategy and to be generating leads.

5. Help desk support

Were we handling calls efficiently and delivering on our SLA?

6. Business operation process

Were our processes as efficient and productive as they should be?

7. Supplier strategy

Think Cloud's supplier strategy needed to maximize supplier support, have the optimum portfolio of services and products, and balance supplier risk.

8. Product strategy

Using a clearly defined product development program, we needed to demonstrate that we were adding new products and services.

9. Intellectual property

Think Cloud needed to show evidence of systems, procedures, policies, and any other assets that contributed to the net worth of the business.

10. Financial management

Billing effectively, meeting our sales projections, and collecting on time were all factors in assessing our financial management abilities.

11. Leadership and management

Is Think Cloud being led effectively?

12. Customer satisfaction

How satisfied have our customers been?

Satisfying all these criteria has been Think Cloud’s mission from day one so it’s always rewarding to be recognized, especially when it’s for the 5th time in a row.

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