What new habit positively impacted Roger Grannon?

November 19th, 2020
What new habit positively impacted Roger Grannon?

On this week's podcast we have:
What new habit positively impacted Roger Grannon?

Roger Grannon is a major figure in Hull’s construction scene. Currently the Chief Operations Officer at KWL, Roger started his career at Hull City Council as an electrician before gradually climbing the ladder to where he is today. His constant search for positive change in his life has led to a positive outlook on life, and by combining this with adding new habits to daily life, Roger is always taking significant steps forward in his life.

Because of this, he found our question about what habit has had a positive influence effortless. Roger picked up the habit of reading books on holiday, and always found himself thinking “I should write something down”. This thought developed into a writing habit, he most commonly writes about his life in the way that he saw it, and although he’s not yet shared his work with anyone else, he looks forward to the day he can let people take a look, otherwise “those memories are just going to vanish”.

This led nicely into the next question surrounding “What advice would you give to yourself?”, which was resoundingly answered by Roger in a way that suits his habits, being always to take any opportunity that comes to you. Roger started writing as an impulse that stemmed from reading plenty of books, and that’s taken him a long way in putting together a memoir. By taking as many opportunities as you can, you’re putting yourself in a better position for success in the future. Trying everything you can gives you a new level of confidence that makes you more likely to succeed, and makes you happier whilst you do it.

If you’d like to learn some more about Roger Grannon and his story, listen to his appearance on the Pig Wrestling Podcast. Roger’s experience makes him a profoundly thoughtful person with some great stories to tell, so don’t miss out and listen to this life-changing podcast as soon as possible.

Tune in to this week’s must-listen podcast with Roger.

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