Who Says You Cant? Prohibition Versus Inhibition 

It’s that time again, people! Your hosts Leon McQuade and Paul Longley return for another thought-provoking episode of The Hack’s sassy side series 100X Leader, a mini-series devoted to the Giant platform the boys are learning life and leadership skills from. 
People, processes, and technology are the centre of conversation as the hosts continue their exploration of the platform former guest Steve Cockram introduced to them with the Giant Platform. - Sign Up For Free Here -  

What’s discussed? 

This 100x Leasder series has seen our hosts challenge themselves, and the listeners, to go on a journey of self-improvement and reflect upon their own personal and professional experiences to become even more effective leaders. 
This episode focuses on prohibition and inhibition - who says you can’t? Our hosts explore the idea of being prohibited and inhibited what that means professionally and institutionally. There are things that outside factors prohibit us from doing but our own inhibitions often prevent us from doing things too, this episode explores this to try and work out how we can be uninhibited. 
Our hosts have enabled us further insight into their lives across this series and this episode is no different as the 100X Leader Challenge allows opportunities to reflect upon their personal and professional relationships. 
As the hosts explore what it means to be an effective leader, it’s evident the platform is starting to create more questions and opportunities for development in their respective lives. 
As always, The Hack and this 100X Leader mini-series work to promote the amazing work of Andy’s Man Club, an organisation both Leon and Paul have helped to develop, focusing on promoting positive mental health in men and a supportive environment to discuss their issues. 
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