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2023 is just around the corner, and several new technology trends will shape how we live, work, and play. Some of these trends are already taking hold, while others are still on the horizon. 
In this podcast, Leon, Paul and Dean discuss 10 of the most important technology trends we need to keep an eye out for, as they are sure to have a significant impact on the way we do business and life in general over the next few years. 

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

An explosion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is adding rocket fuel to Process Automation. Today humans account for 58% of all work, with machines managing the remaining 42%. 
AI is already making a huge difference in business operations, from customer service to analytics. As AI technology continues to become more advanced over the next few years, it will become an increasingly important tool for businesses of all sizes. 
Our phones are packed with Artificial intelligence - the virtual assistant Siri makes your life easier. It helps send texts, make calls and make reminders for important tasks. Other AI applications include delivery robots, facial recognition software, and more. 

2. Process Automation 

Businesses increasingly turn to automation for mundane or repetitive tasks, such as customer service and bookkeeping. Automation helps companies save time and money by freeing up resources directed towards more productive endeavours. Examples include chatbots, robotic process automation and workflow automation. The trend of automation has been growing for many years, but with the introduction of AI technology over the next few years, automation is sure to become even more widespread. Automation is already being used in many industries, such as manufacturing and retail, helping businesses streamline processes and increase efficiency. 
Automating processes can also improve employee satisfaction by freeing employees’ time for more critical work. Not only can automation technology enhance workflow efficiency, but it can also reduce costs associated with manual labour and help ensure accuracy on complex tasks. 

3. Zero Trust Security 

Cybercrime is rising, and organisations of all sizes must take security seriously. Zero Trust Security is a more effective approach to security, which assumes that all users and networks are potential threats rather than trusted entities. As businesses adapt to the ever-changing cyber security landscape, Zero Trust will become an essential tool for keeping persoanl information and data safe; examples include multi-factor authentication, encryption and access control. 
From a security point of view - don't trust anyone or anything!. 

4. Exceeding Your Customer's Expectations 

There is loads of technology that can help improve the customer journey and needs, from data collection and customer surveys to website chatbots. Customer expectations are constantly changing, and businesses must be ready to adapt to stay ahead of the competition. Technology can help make this easier by providing better insights into customer behaviour and preferences and more sophisticated marketing tools. 

5. Connectivity 

UPS was designed to enable smarter, faster, and better connections between businesses, governments, organisations, and individuals. Technology trends in 2023 will allow even more advanced connectivity capabilities than before. 
As 5G networks roll out worldwide, businesses can take advantage of faster internet speeds and lower latency. This will open up new opportunities for businesses that rely on real-time data and allow them to reach more customers in more locations than ever before. 
By 2025 it is predicted that there will be more than 4.3 billion connected devices in the world, cars, watches, cameras, phones, tablets etc. 
The internet of things is quickly becoming a reality. As more and more devices are connected to the internet and the cloud, we will need to build resilience. We will see an increase in connectivity across all industries, allowing businesses to stay connected wherever they go and giving customers more choices in how they interact with businesses. 

6. Cloud And Edge Technologies 

Cloud computing is quickly becoming the standard for businesses of all sizes. Businesses will be able to take advantage of cloud-based applications and services and edge computing technologies that can provide faster processing power close to where it’s needed. 

7. Next-Gen Computing And Biometrics 

The rise of next-gen computing technologies, such as quantum computers, will open up new possibilities for businesses. In addition, biometrics and other authentication methods are becoming increasingly important as security concerns grow. 

8. The Future Of Programming 

Programming languages are evolving rapidly, allowing developers to create more sophisticated applications. We will see the emergence of new programming languages and frameworks using AI that can help input formulas or macros to streamline development processes and make applications more efficient without the knowledge of traditional computer programming. 

9. Outsourcing Non-Core Competencies 

Businesses can benefit from outsourcing non-core competencies such as customer service, website design, creative services, marketing, etc. This can help businesses save money while freeing resources to focus on core business areas. 

10. Increasing Digital Adoption 

Digital adoption is becoming increasingly important as businesses seek to stay competitive in an ever-changing landscape. Technology can help businesses optimise customer journeys, increase customer engagement and more. Work smarter, not harder and leverage the benefits of technology. 
These are just a few technology trends that will shape how we live, work, and play in 2023 and beyond. Technology can help businesses improve their processes and operations, increase customer engagement, and create a better customer experience. As these trends start to take shape, businesses must be prepared to embrace them to stay ahead of the competition. 
We hope this podcast has shed some light on the technology trends you will become more aware of in 2023 and beyond! 
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