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Power Up Your Google Workspace With The AI Tool 


Thanks to its advanced AI-powered writing features, Google is revolutionising how people create, collaborate and connect with their Workspace. Now, a select number of trusted testers have access to groundbreaking technology in Google Docs and Gmail that will help them generate content more efficiently than ever! 
In this blog, we look at how AI is transforming Google Workspace for the better. 

How AI Is Revolutionising The Way We Work In Google Workspace 

Google Workspace is a platform designed to help teams thrive by offering a variety of cloud-based productivity apps that facilitate collaboration, communication and organisation.  
Initially launched as G Suite, Google rebranded in October 2020. Under the Google Workspace banner, users can access a suite of apps, including Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and many more. By integrating these different apps, Google Workspace provides users with a seamless and intuitive interface helping organisations streamline their workflows and eliminating time-consuming and redundant tasks.  
By encouraging teamwork and offering innovative tools, Google Workspace fosters a work culture that promotes productivity, efficiency, and getting things done! 

Artificial Intelligence Tools In Google Workspace 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming how we work with Google Workspace and is already integrated into various Workspace applications, meaning users access intelligent assistance. 
AI-powered features like smart compose and suggestions help users work faster and more accurately. By offering powerful data analytics and insights, Workspace applications enable businesses to derive more value from their data and make better data-driven decisions. 
With the ability to understand language, translate messages in real-time, and categorise emails in a user's inbox, AI enables teams to communicate across barriers and get more done with less effort. As AI continues to advance, it is clear that it will become increasingly essential for businesses that want to remain competitive in the modern economy by boosting productivity and reducing costs. 

A New Era For Docs And Gmail 

Google is beginning a new venture that will bring AI-generated features to Docs and Gmail for a select group of users before being released to the general public over the course of the year. 
Say goodbye to writer's block forever! Google has developed AI-embedded software in Docs and Gmail, allowing users to start writing projects quickly. Type topics of your choice, and a draft is created for you within moments! It can save time, with continued refinement and editing suggestions available. 
Using innovative AI capabilities, Google will assist you with rewriting content. Are you adventurous enough to let AI take on an entirely new playful approach to writing? Then make use of Gmail's "I'm Feeling Lucky" option! 

Empowering Users For Optimal Control 

Artificial Intelligence may not be able to replicate people's intuitive, creative minds fully; sometimes AI fails, and other times it develops something that comes as a surprise.  
That's why Google has established its AI Principles with user accessibility in mind—allowing customers to accept, modify or reject any suggestions their technology provides. 
In addition, IT departments can implement specific policies so your organisation is well-equipped for every situation. 

An Incredible Future Awaits 

Google is just at the beginning of unlocking the full capabilities of generative Artificial Intelligence in the Workspace, and human input is essential to perfecting AI-based abilities. This month Google has begun introducing a range of novel features to their users in the US, starting with English language speakers, through their trusted tester program. Afterwards, they'll modify and optimise the experiences before making them accessible to a broader range of consumers in various countries worldwide and in multiple languages. 
It is an exciting time for creation and collaboration in Workspace! We can't wait to see all the incredible ideas and insights created due to this new technology. As Google continues to develop Workspaces AI-based capabilities, it is clear that the future of work and productivity will continue to be bright – how could you use the new AI capabilities? 


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