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The 100X Leader podcast is back, and this time, Leon, Paul and Dean are talking about a range of communication techniques to help you better engage with people and boost your leadership skills. From stages in the communication process to developing your skills and applying them in the workplace, this episode of 100X Leader is a must-listen. 
What’s discussed? 
First, the team discuss the 5Cs of communication. By going through each step - critique, collaborate, clarify, care and celebrate - you can wrap communication up into a much broader plan of action for your company. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, and being unable to communicate your goals to staff members is only likely to cause even more issues for your company's long term success. Communication is a skill that you can build over time, and the practical implementation of solid communication skills can support your company's process for years to come. 
Later in the podcast, the hosts discuss nonverbal communication. In any workplace, getting your ideas across through body language and the way you act has subtle benefits in putting you ahead of your rivals. You can better understand the wants and needs, the effect you have on them and the best way forward for you to make the most of future interactions. Learning from verbal communication is essential, but non-verbal communication conveys a story that your client may be too shy to tell deliberately. 
Finally, listen to a deep dive into the topic of two-way communication. Whilst listening skills are excellent for helping you to absorb information, and strong communication skills can help you convey a message to others, finding a perfect balance between the two in two-way conversations is key. This allows you to understand conversations as they develop, establish the direction in which they are going and interpret what is being said correctly before responding appropriately. 
If you feel like you struggle with communication in the workplace and need to improve, this episode of 100X Leader offers you the tools needed to take your communication skills to the next level without resorting to technology. Be sure to give it a listen today! 
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