Why you need a cyber risk assessment


Right now Millions of companies across Britain have been warned to prepare for a cyber attack as the UK recently placed sanctions on three wealthy allies of Vladimir Putin and five banks in response to Russia’s unprovoked, premeditated attack against Ukraine. 
'Security researchers have warned there has been a 'historical pattern  
of cyber attacks on Ukraine with international consequences'. 
This has prompted: 
Home Secretary Priti Patel, warns that the UK Government 'expects to see cyber-attacks aimed at the West'. 
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Watchdog sent letters warning every bank in Britain about the impending cyber-attacks, stressing how important it is that they 'conduct a full review of their security measures before it becomes too late' 
The NCSC chief executive Lindy Cameron advised of a 'heightened cyber threat' 
The day before Russia’s unprovoked invasion and attack on Ukraine, a new cyber-attack was  
targeted at a number of Ukrainian entities. This targeted attack programme has been named  
“HermeticWiper” and is specifically designed to target hard drives and wipe data from them. 
Extremely dangerous and well-funded cyber crime rings have been traced back, with current data indicating that "Attempted Unauthorised Logins" are coming from bad actors located unsurprisingly in: Russia, China, Vietnam, Korea and Brazil. In the last year alone, cyber-attacks have increased by 424%. 

How do you keep up with the latest trends and information? Well, we've got your back! 

We are pleased to announce that, following our meeting with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport last week, we have made our entire range of Cyber Security E-Learning Pathways available for free (not just our clients) to all businesses in need of cyber security skills development. 
These pathways cover a wide range of topics, from basic awareness-raising to more advanced technical skills, and are designed to help businesses of all sizes protect themselves against the growing threat of cybercrime. We believe that this is an important step in improving the UK's overall cyber security posture, and we encourage all businesses to take advantage of these resources. 
We would like to thank the DCMS for their support in this effort, and we look forward to continuing to work together to improve legislation for Digital Service Providers and UK businesses. 

We have made the following awareness-boosting resources available today: 

Cyber Risk Assessment Small Business Guide 

Why you need a cyber risk assessment
#1 What is a cyber risk assessment? 
Only 31% of SMEs have completed a Cyber Risk Assessment in the past 12 Months! Learn our 9 step process – The data gathering, The cyber security risk assessment. 
#2 How can vulnerability management stop a data breach? 
The anatomy of three targeted cyber attacks. One small business in the UK is successfully hacked every 11 seconds. Attacks we walkthrough are: Man-In-The-Middle | Wanna-Cry | External-Blue 
#3 How to assess if cyber security is required for a business? 
Discover how to secure yourself and your data with a penetration test. Learn how easy it is for hackers to get to your information if you’re not keeping track of it. Make sure your team is adhering to good cyber security hygiene. 

Cyber Security Master class + Learn how to Reduce your Human Cyber Risk  

Learn the secrets to PROTECTING your business from cyber-criminals! 
#1 Cyber Attacks Are Up! 
The anatomy of three targeted cyber attacks. One small business in the UK is successfully hacked every 11 seconds. 
#2 The Anatomy Of A Targeted Cyber Attack 
51% of businesses have reported being hit by ransomware in the last year alone. Learn how to respond to a ransomware attack in 9 steps. 
#3 Human Risk Management (HRM) 
Learn how HRM the new class of user-focused security that empowers businesses to understand, reduce and monitor their employee cyber risk — without having to sacrifice productivity for protection. 
Sitting duck campaign

5 Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make When It Comes To Cyber Insurance 

will cyber insurance pay for your ransomware attack
(Register Now! Now Free) 
Businesses that are not adequately insured will be at a significant disadvantage.  
Cyber insurance is a must-have for businesses of all sizes. The number of ransomware attacks and data breaches is only set to increase. 
#1 Five biggest mistakes business owners make when it comes to cyber-insurance. 
Cyber insurance policies are designed to manage not only your risk but more importantly, they are designed to mitigate the insurer's risk as a result of you being the victim of a cyber attack 
#2 Get a glimpse into a ransomware negotiation 
Watch how negotiators liaise with criminals, either for the release of data that’s being held hostage, or for assurances that they won't release sensitive information – including trade secrets, or personal identifiable information (PII)  
#3 Global Risk Report 
Among the highest risks of the next ten years its been highlighted: businesses' effectiveness to manage their cyber risk and responding to cyber security threats during the next decade. 
Plus Additional Resources 
We have also created additional resources with our "Cyber Insurance Readiness Assessment" 
There's no excuse not to get ahead when it comes to improving your organisation's cyber security skills. 
With the recent increase in cyber threats, we wanted to offer businesses a way of assessing their own risks we can offer cyber security training, cyber security assessments, and cyber security consulting and outsourced IT in Hull, East Yorkshire and beyond! 
Cyber insurance readiness assessment
Is this you? 
You want to avoid common mistakes that lead to Ransomware 
You want to make sure your data is safe and secure 
You don’t want to be at the mercy of a hacker due to ransomware 
You don’t even know what to ask for when it comes to security 
You'd like to enable Hybrid Working enabling employees to work safely & securely in any location 
You know that computer downtime costs you money 
You want complete risk management of all of your cyber security vulnerabilities. 
Your interests are tied to the bottom line 
You need to check out our new cyber-risk-assessment service. 
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