On this week's straight-talking smart tech podcast, The Hack hosts Leon, Paul and Dean with a Christmas special. 

Christmas Special - What will next year hold for you? 

Goal setting for 2022 
This week, in a Christmas special, host Leon, Paul, and Dean discuss goal setting for the next year and how to shift your mindset to be able to achieve the goals you set yourself. 
Christmas is a time of year for reflecting, so they talk about what they have achieved this year and where they want to take that next year. From mental health, fitness, and growing your technology business, you will be able to use this advice to further yourself going into the new year. 

What’s discussed? 

Goal Setting Mindset 
The hosts talk about the tendency to reflect, without stopping to look at how far we have come. An important part of goal setting is being able to recognise your achievements, and to get rid of the negative voice inside your head that will hold you back, instead of thinking “I can’t do this”, saying “I will do this”. 
Goal setting technique 
In order to set goals effectively, they speak about a three-column process. The first is a list of things you want to experience, from being a better leader in business to spending more time with your family. The second lists what you need to achieve to have the experiences you want in column one. This could be training in marketing or cyber security, creating a healthier routine for yourself or delegating from a leadership position. The third is to list what you want to give back after having achieved everything in column two and experiencing everything in column one. This could be giving back to people in your community, family, or a charity. 
How to set achievable goals 
The hosts stress the importance of being specific when setting yourself a goal. They discuss ten questions you can use to make sure your goal is quantifiable and will help you grow. They talk about how this year has been the hardest but also the most rewarding, and how to push out of your comfort zone. 
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