5 Circles Of Influence 

Leadership Transformation Across The 5 Circles Of Influence 

This week sees your hosts Leon and Paul bring you another thought-provoking episode of The Hack's sassy sister series, 100x Leader. 
In this episode, your hosts further examine the new Giant platform through which they are gaining new life and leadership skills. This time around, our hosts discuss circles of influence, the difference between intentional and accidental, and the power of being a liberated leader. 
Take the free 5 Voices assessment and sign up to the Giant Platform using our link here. 

What’s discussed? 

The series has provided a new insight into the lives of our hosts and this week's instalment is no different, Leon and Paul provide heartwarming tales and thoughtful reflection upon some of life's issues that we all face. The 100X Leader series has asked the listener to join along for the ride and perhaps reflect and apply some of these skills and techniques to your own life. 
They consider how these personal experiences and techniques can be applied to the wider world, for example in business and career environments or social situations. They talk about the different types of self-care and how to keep the balance with what's expected of us and what we need to do to look after ourselves. 
Other discussion focuses on talent, skill and practice, and the differences between those things. How much of what we're good at is talent vs. skill? 
Whilst always at the heart of every episode of The Hack, this latest episode sees special attention paid to the wonderful work of Andy's Man Club and how it came to be. Leon and Paul's experiences and endorsement of the organisation continue as they discuss the positive work that the organisation does. 
Listen now to this week's thought-provoking episode of The Hack's 100X Leader.👊❤🌍🚀 
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