Join Leon and Paul as they sit down with the master of media, Phil Ascough, for an inspiring conversation on following your passions and achieving success in the arts, culture, and sports industries. 

Finding Success Through Passion: Insights from Phil Ascough on the 'Never Mind The Pitch' Podcast 

In this week's podcast, Leon and Paul talk to Phil Ascough- a multi-talented professional who works as a journalist, author, media and PR consultant assisting small businesses, charities, and other organisations in obtaining publicity, specialising in the arts, culture, and sports. He has a passion for the city of Hull and has spent eight years on the board of Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce, including acting as President between 2017-18. 
The episode kicked off with Phil taking us down memory lane, recalling his early days in journalism, which has stood him in good stead for his other roles. Additionally, he pursues recreational writing and has authored around half a dozen books, including Never Mind the Drop Goal: The Unofficial Rugby World Cup Quiz Book, Never Mind the Penalties: The Ultimate World Cup Quiz Book, and Never Mind the Tigers: The Ultimate Hull City Quiz Book. 
This is a must-listen episode if you're interested in journalism, writing, PR, sports, and technology! 

Artificial Intelligence: A Boost, Not a Substitute 

Phil brought along three books that have significantly changed or influenced his life. Two that he has read. One that he has written and read. The book "Kissing the Badge: How much do you know about 20 Years of the Premier League?" was Phil's first book, commissioned by A&C Black, a part of Bloomsbury. At the time, he worked for the Press Association on "Loads and Loads of Football". The idea for a Premier League quiz book celebrating 20 years of the league was suggested, and Phil was approached to write it. He likes to say that Bloomsberry came to him after losing J.K. Rowling and stopped publishing Harry Potter books. 
It's a fantastic book, and was the first book of its kind on the Premier League! During the process, Phil learned how long it takes to write a book and how little you get back from it, however writing a book teaches you the skills to write better for the next one! 
Leon goes on to talk about how artificial intelligence in the hands of someone who is already a wordsmith, and proficient writer like Phil, can enable them to develop excellent stories and a more efficient writing experience. Furthermore, AI could simplify writing procedures for them as professionals. 
Leon discusses how AI is increasingly viewed as a tool for improvement rather than a substitute for human input. Although, the success of AI ultimately depends on the quality of the information it receives. Phil provides his thoughts on the matter as Leon shares some tips on using AI to enhance your work and creativity. He also talks about the importance of understanding the tech and the ethical considerations that come with it. 

Life is not a Rehearsal 

Phil's favorite quote is, "Life is not a rehearsal". You only have one chance at it, so try your best and maximise it. Additionally, ensure that those who come after you, such as children, friends, or coworkers, can have a good life too. 
It's essential to enjoy life and relax. Doing activities like solving crosswords can keep your mind sharp. Make the most of it, so make the most of it. Use positive experiences and incorporate them into your daily routine. Don't overwhelm yourself with work, even though it can be challenging. 
Spending time with family and friends is crucial because success in business or a career means little if you neglect the important things at home. It's also vital to take care of yourself. 
His advice to his 18-year-old self would be to have a balanced level of confidence without going overboard. He had a difficult time at that age and now realises he should have been more confident. Despite not getting the grades needed for university, he has had a successful career. However, having more confidence would have helped him achieve even more. He feels it could have been distractions or too much pressure that held him back. 
The advice he would reject when he was at school would be from his careers teacher, who had never worked outside of school or at a university. He told Phil if he wanted to be a journalist, he would have to get an English degree. That was rubbish. Because he never earned an English degree. He never even took an English course at a university, but he feels he has done and is still doing all right. 


In the world of journalism and public relations in Hull, few names are respected and renowned as Phil Ascough. A seasoned journalist, PR consultant, and author, Phil has made significant strides in shaping the narratives of numerous businesses and individuals alike. His unique insights and experience spanning several years make him a powerful voice in his field. 
Phil Ascough's career offers a unique insight into his successes and failures, reminding us that it is still possible, no matter how hard it may seem to succeed. He reminds us that failures are essential because they provide perspective and motivation to strive for success! Ultimately, he advises that confidence is key to achieving your goals and succeeding in life. His perspective on storytelling, whether through journalism, PR, or writing, resonates deeply. It's a reminder that at the heart of these professions lies the passion and power of narrative and the ability to connect with audiences on a deeper level. 
Tune in to find out more about Phil and his incredible journey! 
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