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Reaching New Heights with a Bicycle for the Mind 


When Steve Jobs first spoke about the personal computer in 1980, he created a powerful image of an innovation revolution. He compared this invention to the bicycle, the machine that increased human efficiency and allowed for new possibilities. This man-machine partnership enabled entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and fuel global progress. 
“When we invented the personal computer, we created a new kind of bicycle…a new man-machine partnership…a new generation of entrepreneurs.” Steve Jobs 
The Apple computer was released just a few years prior, but, at the time, people still needed to learn how they were used or what potential they could hold in the near future. To bridge this gap, Jobs referred to an article he read in Scientific American when he was 12. In this article, he remembers that the condor was the most efficient creature regarding energy expenditure, while humans were near the bottom of the list...until they started using bicycles! 
Apple later took out a two-page ad in Scientific American, with Steve Jobs' inspiring words highlighting the remarkable capabilities of personal computers. The ad highlighted that, although humans weren't proficient runners compared to other species, humans on a bicycle were faster than them all. Personal computers were “bicycles for the mind, " taking us far beyond our inherent abilities. 

Amplifiers of Human Ability 

Personal computers, like bicycles, are designed to empower individuals. With the introduction of personal computers, users could access more computing power and processing capability than ever. They allowed us to expand our capacity for knowledge and gave us tools to create and manipulate information in ways that would otherwise have been impossible. 
Jobs argued that while bicycles enable us to use our body's energy to travel farther and faster, personal computers allow us to increase our mental capabilities similarly. He compared the building blocks of technology and hardware to a person's physical power and software or programs, which he likened to the rider's mind. By combining these two elements, he proposed that people could achieve much more than they could with either alone. 
Jobs described the importance of making computers accessible by introducing features that anyone can use without needing programming knowledge. He argued that PCs should become easier to use, and their power should be used to crunch numbers and simplify users' lives. This way, personal computers could become as ubiquitous as bicycles. 
Through his speech, we are reminded of how much we can accomplish when we use technology as an extension of ourselves and our cognitive abilities. Humans are makers of tools, and computers amplify a human's ability. With them, we can go down paths that were never possible, think bigger and act faster. We should consider how these tools impact our ability to think, imagine and create - and ultimately determine how far we can go. 

A Relationship between Humans and Machines  

Jobs' vision of what was possible with personal computers still resonates today. We've seen the power of how man and machine can work together to create something greater than either could do on their own, from smartphones and autonomous vehicles to advances in space exploration and artificial intelligence. 
By thinking of computers as "bicycles for the mind," Jobs opened up a world of possibilities and inspired many to pursue their dreams. Now, over four decades later, it's safe to say that he was more right than ever imagined. 
The metaphor reminds us of the power technology can give us. Personal computers have given us unprecedented computing power and knowledge, enabling us to reach new heights and complete tasks in minutes or even seconds that would have taken days or weeks without them. 
They also allow us to explore vast ideas, concepts and possibilities that may never have been possible. Using personal computers, we can break down time, distance and complexity barriers and make the seemingly impossible achievable. 
Consider when you next use your PC or wonder what AI will do for us.... our relationship between human and machine. What possibilities and opportunities can future technological advancement open up? 
The 'bicycle for the mind' metaphor is a potent reminder of the potential of technology and how it can alter our lives and give us the power to reach higher than ever before. With this in mind, let's continue to explore what we can achieve as humans with the help of computers - because together, there's no limit; we believe an entirely new and exciting world of knowledge, problem-solving and creativity awaits us. 

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