The 5 P's of Performance - 100X Leader Episode 1 

Learn The 5 P's Of Human Performance 

We've got something new for you this week as your hosts from The Hack, Leon McQuade and Paul Longley, begin their new mini-series, 100x Leader. The duo digs further into people, processes and technology as well as the Giant Platform they are learning life and leadership skills from. 
100x Leader is a leadership training platform based around The 5 Ps of Performance. Over the course of the episode, Leon and Paul dig into what the program means, how you can apply it to your life and the infinite loop of continual improvement. 

What's discussed? 

The hosts go through the Peace index and offer the opportunity for the listeners to engage and go along on the journey with them. The 100X Challenge - Sign Up For Free - is focused on spreading knowledge and positivity with the 100 referring to your percentage health and happiness and the X being the intention to multiply into others. 
This Giant leadership program offers a framework for personal self-improvement and provides a useful tracking tool. The Peace Index specifically can be a useful way to digest and reflect with the goal of self-improvement, something often difficult for mental health sufferers. 
As the show goes on Leon and Paul get the chance to open up on their relationship with the program and how we can plug in and charge up to 100% in our own lives. The thoughtful conversation provides useful techniques we can all apply to our own lives and provides a bit more insight into our hosts' background. 
With this mini-series, we invite you to join us along the journey to reach your very own 100% and be the best you that you can be! 
As always, the podcast aims to promote the wonderful work of Andy's Man Club and this show is no different, with the hosts touching upon their experiences with the organisation. 
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