The Two Digital Supervillains Wreaking Havoc On Our Success 

The number one digital supervillains today for us and everyone listening, whether you're an entrepreneur, a parent or a high achiever, is digital distraction. Think of social media, count up how many messaging platform alerts and app updates you get in one 24hr period. Then look at all of the dopamine hits our brains are subjected to as a result of this. The average person on instagram picks up there device upto 150 times per day ! Just stop and think about that for a second. And do you know why ............ Because its desiged to suck us in and keep us engaged !  
What’s discussed? 
Do you know how many times the average person opens up, let’s say Instagram? 
It’s 150 times. Even if you open it less, that still means some are opening it up a whole lot more! We only have to stop and think, why is it we do this? The answer is super simple to understand ……… It's because it's by design! We get this dopamine flood into our brain that drives our habits or addiction for one of a better word. 
These tendencies form our patterns, influence our actions which have consequences and shape our reality. 
If you want to jump-start your brain in the morning routine or evening routine, we all want to be more, do more, and get more, which comes from looking at our daily habits. 
As always, the podcast aims to promote the wonderful work of Andy's Man Club and this show is no different, with the hosts touching upon their experiences with the organisation. 
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