Lets take a look at out top 10 most listened to podcast 


Ready for a blast from the past? Our top 10 most listened-to podcasts have been revisited, ranging all the way back to when pig wrestling was still on trend. Take a stroll down memory lane and find out which ones made it into our countdown! 

1. Ben Rainey  

International Superstar DJ & Music Producer Ben Rainey is on this week's show. We discuss what life's like headlining in Ibiza, Dubai, Ayia Napa and Antwerp — performing at The Ocean Beach Club, Ibiza, for SIN Sundays, Zero Gravity, Dubai. 
With Ben performing alongside Claptone, Roger Sanchez, Disciples and Europe's most prominent dance festival, Tomorrowland, a. We ask what life is like as one of Hull's biggest Instagram stars. Ben is one of Hull's finest who takes the world by storm with his unique style. When he's not jet-setting around the world, he is a resident DJ at Hulls Barrow Boys, and today he is in the studio for our Podcast. 
We learn about Ben Rainey, a natural mummy boy who loves nothing more than sharing kisses and cuddles with his mum, Gran, and sister he idolises. We uncover the roots of his love of music and his mum and dad's influence in shaping Ben's style. Discussing his passion for spending hours in the studio making music can, at times, take over his life. 

2. Jansin Turgut 

It's OK not to be OK—the Road to Recovery. 
EXPLICIT CONTENT. Hull FC & Salford EX professional Super League player Jansin Turgut. 
A Hull lad through and through, Jansin played professional rugby for Hull FC & Salford. He represented England Academy under 18s v Australia Schoolboys in 2014. He was going to make his professional debut in the Super League Match 5th 2015 against Leeds Rhinos. Jansin also captains Turkey's national side in the emerging nations 2018 World Championship. Sharing his love and passion for the game, sharing stories of players he's had the pleasure to play alongside. As always, we dig deep into real problems people wrestle with, with none more significant than the battle Jasin has been tackling with his mental health. He was sharing for the first time that the Ibiza car park fall was an attempt to take his life. 

3. Tony Cotson 

Rev'd Tony Cotson. Speaking People, Process, Technology. Born 1953 Somerset Street, Hessle Road. Married Jan 1976, meeting as teenagers and going on to have two children and 5 Grandchildren. After marriage, they set up a home in Hampshire St, St Nicholas Ave, and Summergroves. So Tony lived off Hessle Road all his life. 
He worked (office work) in the fishing industry for 15 years (trawler owners), then 20 odd years as a manager at Homebase, which saw him travel a little and then finally, the church for the last 20 years. He is proud to be serving his community as a priest. 
First meaningful church contact on a surfing holiday in St Ives Cornwall at 19. Life-changing event. He Loves music/sport. Played both since childhood. Enjoys travelling and meeting people. Especially listening to people's life stories, Tony says, "I tell people, in many ways, I get paid to carry stories and inform the Big Story!" 
In addition to his parish work, he is a Chaplain to FC, West Hull, Trinity House and our Fishing Heritage groups. It keeps him occupied. Recently Lord Mayor chaplain too. Quite an insight. His work brings him into contact with a cross-section of people, from Archbishops to leading members of Parliament to homeless refugees and everyone in between. And everyone is valued equally. 

4. Martin Johnson 

We have Martin Johnson's T2 Performance on this week's podcast - The People Performance People. As always, we speak People, Process and Technology, uncovering the man and the team who are Digitally Disrupting the "Leadership & Business Management Training" Sector. With the all-new T2-Hub, The company are arming their customers with winning tools and strategies so they can thrive. Martins background; Gartner for six years Sales Leader Senior Account Manager Butler Group; 4 years Sales Manager Senior Account Manager Warfare Branch - Operator Mechanic 4 years. 
He served in 3 types of 42 destroyers over that period served in the Med, Falklands, and the Far East in 2003; Martin received an Admirals commendation for his role during the grounding of HMS Nottingham. Rugby League background played for Ideal and Later Dockers and East Hull (we need to mention I never beat them. You lads drew once), not until I coached an under-8s side. There is a bit of a story there. 
Life as a published author of "I Am Human 30 mistakes to success" which Paul read on a beach in Australia and found transformational. I am Human lifts the lid on 30 of the most common subconscious errors and missed opportunities we humans fail to correct or take advantage of. The book's key message is that only through self-knowledge can we hope to become the best version of ourselves. Covering: Being Conscious Becoming More Productive Learning Influence We unpick Martin's excellent talk on Social Excellence & Why values matter. 

5. Andy Last 

Andy Last Former Hull FC Coach (When recorded Assisant Coach) In this week's podcast, we speak of people, processes and the technology that's shaped Andy into the loving father, husband, son, friend and brother. Today, we discover more about Andy Last, the person, and uncover some pigs he's wrestled with. Andy grew up on Hessle Road, signed for Hull FC as a junior player in 1998, coming from amateur team Eureka, making his first debut in August 1999. 
He made 29 appearances, scoring four tries before deciding to join the coaching team following the 2004 season. Having spent two years as the club's Head of Youth Development, I Last became Assistant Coach, which he still holds today. While being an assistant to Richard Agar at the first-team level, his other main priority was that of head coach for the Black and Whites Under-20s team. 
Andy has been involved in probably Hull FC's most successful part of their History during his coaching career at Hull, helping guide them to three Grand Finals and winning two. He has been responsible for the long line of homegrown players such as Josh Bowden, Chris Green, Dean Hadley, Reece Lyne, Tom Briscoe and Tommy Lee. A former England academy coach Andy received an outstanding contribution to the club award. Take a listen to this week's great podcast 

6. Paul Longley 

We have a serious problem: one man every two hours in the UK take their own life. Just stop and think about that. 
This week we have Paul Longley kick off our very first show. I'm driven to help break the stigma associated with "Mental Health". 
I've learned three prominent stigmas, weakness, burden, and embarrassment, stop men from speaking out. And with my work with Andy's Man Club, we are helping pave the way for men to know that #ItsOkayToTalk and break the stigma. For the past 2+ years, I've helped create a safe environment for men to come and talk without these fears. 
I've become a regular speaker within the Hull business community, speaking to audiences of 800+ for the likes of Siemens, Arco, Smith & Nephews, Victoria Plum, ResQ, and the Department of Work & Pensions. I love to bang the drum for Andy's Man Club and share my "next man" talk, built on my own experiences and those gained in helping myself and now over 2500+men. 

7. Luke Ambler 

We have the very inspirational Luke Ambler, Motivational Speaker / Entrepreneur / Founder & Chairman of Andysmanclub, and a few things he does these days. 
Luke is a big family man, engaged to Lisa and has three lovely Children, Alfie, Aubrey and Ada. Luke, a former professional Rugby league player, played for Salford, Leeds Rhinos, Harlequins, York on loan, and Ireland. 
He finished his career at his beloved Halifax, making 141 appearances and scoring 32 tries. Luke is a fellow of Brathay, which is a charitable organisation. Their mission is to improve the life chances of children, young people and families by inspiring them to engage positively in their communities. 
Luke is the Chief Executive of Ambler Training LTD. He has his own Journal for adults and Children, The Bee you Journal and The Bee You kids Journal. 
Luke is also the Founder and Chairman of Andysmanclub 2016. Luke set up AMC when his Brother-in-law Andy took his own life in 2016. This ha 

8. Spencer Locker 

We have the brilliant Spencer Locker, who features on the Channel 4 series SAS who dares wins with Ant Middleton. 
Five ex-Special Forces soldiers recreate the SAS's secret selection process putting up to 30 men & women through the ultimate test of their physical and - more importantly - psychological resilience. Spencer talks about getting out of your comfort zone & resilience training. 
Spencer is a Senior Consultant at Trans 2 performance, a position he has held since 2018, Married to Sharon with two wonderful boys. Spencer Volunteers as an experience Family mediator and community panel member at the offending youth team. He is also a coach of an Under 7s football team. 
In his early years, Spencer was in the Military. After coming out, he studied Social Work Degree, doing one year, then pulling out. 
In his words: 
"I see it as a lucky escape. I don't think I would have been able to retain my sanity working in that industry." 
His lesson is to be true to yourself & trust your instincts. 

9. Paul Matson & Trevor Fishburn 

Paul Matson & Trevor Fishburn Hull 4 Heroes talk about transformation and change and focus on People, Processes & Technology. 
Paul & Trevor run the charity Hull 4 Heroes, dedicated to helping local veterans, which is becoming a massive success. Key talking points DIY SOS and how the charity was created How Hull for Heroes & Andysmanclub can work together Veterans Village 48 hour world record rugby attempt . 
The vision of Hull for Heroes going forward and how they can continue to support veterans Pig Wrestling 10 commandments Getting men to open up regarding their mental health How talking and both the charities are helping guys grow and progress. 

10. Paul Spence 

Talking about life after brain injury, the lessons he learnt and how he's turned adversity on its head despite lasting damage. Paul is a big family man, Engaged to be married next year to Gemma, Father to Shannon & Reece. He has a Granddaughter Evie who he loves to spend time with. 
Paul was an Electrical Engineer until he sustained a terrible brain injury from one punch in 2012. He was left with a life-changing injury; he couldn't see his past and was an unemotional robot. After seeing the level of aftercare in the area, he launched a service to help and support other Brain injury victims. Paul founded Paul for Brain Recovery in 2016. 
He now works closely with the NHS. Paul went on to create Brain works bars that focused on health. The brain works bars are designed with a potent mix of products scientifically proven to aid Brain Development and recovery, reduce the trauma caused by illness and everyday stress, and fight off ageing brain cells. Pauls has done many inspiring fundraising events worldwide, from Marathons, Iron man UK and climbing Kilimanjaro in June 2018. 
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