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Unlocking the Power of Artificial Intelligence: Insights from Furqan Alamgir, Founder and CEO of Connexin 

In this episode of the Hack podcast, Leon, Paul, and Dean engage in an insightful conversation with Furqan Alamgir, Chief Executive Officer at Connexin
Furqan shares his journey as an entrepreneur and how he grew Connexin into one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the UK. He also discusses the challenges he faced along the way and how he overcame them to achieve success. 
One of the key topics discussed in this episode is the importance of collaboration and connectivity in today's digital age. Furqan highlights how Connexin plays a crucial role in providing connectivity solutions to businesses, cities, and communities. He also talks about their innovative approach to smart infrastructure and its potential to transform how we live and work. 
They also explore people, processes, and technology as the three fundamental elements of a prosperous enterprise. Furqan highlights the significance of passion and curiosity as crucial factors for success. 
Tune in to hear Furqan Alamgir's story and learn more about the future of connectivity. Keep an eye out for Connexin as it continues to expand and revolutionise the technology industry. 

About Furqan Alamgir & Connexin 

Established in 2006, Connexin thrives on an entrepreneurial drive and cutting-edge technology. With a focus on award-winning IoT solutions, (The Internet of Things) hosted telephony services, high-speed connectivity, and low-powered networks. 
They empower the creation of intelligent and interconnected cities and communities and aim to bridge the gap between the physical and digital realms, enhancing people's lives. Their unwavering commitment to excellence propels them towards building a better and more connected future. 
Furqan Alamgir would describe himself as many things to different people, a father, a husband, a CEO. However, he has recognised his natural ability to grasp concepts swiftly and become a proficient generalist in various areas although he explains how he tends to lose interest before reaching the point of committing to specialise in any one of them. 
He considers himself a skilled problem solver and believes he would be a valuable asset on a desert island. He enjoys thinking creatively and finding solutions to challenges. Furthermore, his background in medicine sets him apart. Dealing in a pressured environment as a surgeon has given him a rounded view of life and made him realise that solving problems involves more than just data and facts but empathy, and this pressure has helped him grow. 
Furqan Alamgir's leadership and vision have been instrumental in Connexin's success. He has led the company to win multiple awards for its innovative solutions and is recognised as one of the most influential figures in the technology industry. 

Hull: The Rise of a Smart City 

In the early days, Connexin partnered with a wireless broadband provider to offer their VOIP service as part of customers' internet packages. In 2012, they further expanded their operations by acquiring the wireless network. It was at that point that they made the strategic decision to continue developing and expanding Connexin, specifically in Hull. 
In 2016, the team were presented with an opportunity to compete for a Public Wi-Fi tender in Hull. However, this opportunity sparked a grander vision beyond just Wi-Fi. Creating a fully connected Smart City soon became a reality when Connexin emerged victorious in winning the tender. This achievement began a fruitful partnership with Hull City Council, where they established themselves as pioneers in IoT and Smart City solutions. 
In 2019, Connexin introduced CityOS to enhance how people work, live, and play. As the UK's first Smart City Platform, it seamlessly connects various aspects, including parking, salt gritters, and traffic management. Consequently, Hull swiftly emerged as one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world! 

Transform and Mould Your Mindset: The Power of Books 

Furqan has a deep passion for reading and enjoys immersing himself in biographies, finding inspiration in the experiences of remarkable individuals like Steve Jobs. Through their stories, he learns valuable lessons and gains profound insights. 
Moreover, there's Elon Musk's book. It's a powerful reminder that failure is simply not an option. Sometimes, when we think, "Oh, my life is so difficult," we should consider the immense challenges Elon Musk has faced. He risked everything for the success of his last rocket launch and went on to build a billion-dollar business in the automotive industry. The remarkable resilience is truly inspiring. 
Furqan also enjoys operational books such as "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team" ; it was one of those books that just clicked for him. He explains, "It's strange how some things simply make sense because people can be quite irrational sometimes." 
A purchase of £50 or less that has had a profoundly positive impact on Furqan's life would therefore have to be books! As he was growing, he noticed that his thirst for knowledge increased. Growing up humbles you and makes you realise the areas where you lack expertise, It creates a strong desire to learn and improve in those areas. He has delved into some truly captivating books, and "The 48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene is no exception. It describes that individuals have employed many strategies and tactics throughout history to acquire and uphold power. This has influenced Furqan's interactions with others, allowing him to navigate social dynamics with finesse. 
When it comes to investing in yourself, books are a great way to start. Reading is a powerful tool that can transform and mould one's mindset. Through books, Furqan Alamgir has gained valuable insights and learned from remarkable individuals' experiences. 

Life is a Journey of Failures and Lessons 

Reflecting on failures, Furqan shares a lesson learned from his experience as a cocky junior doctor. He recalls a challenging moment when they realised their lack of knowledge in a critical situation. This humbling experience brought them respect for senior doctors and a new perspective on life. He highlights the importance of accepting help and recognising limitations, noting that this experience and his entrepreneurial journey have enriched his life. 
Learning to prioritise and manage time effectively is crucial to making time for the things that truly matter, enjoying our time on this planet, and making the right choice such as not sacrificing your own life or relationships. Inevitable failures are part of the journey towards success. Rather than being disheartened by them, we should embrace them as opportunities for learning and growth. Each failure brings valuable lessons that contribute to our personal development. 
One of his favourite quotes is, "In life, it's easier to go downhill than uphill." This quote carries profound significance, not only in business but in all aspects of life. Challenges are an inherent part of our journey, and finding them difficult is perfectly alright. It's a testament to our personal growth and development. This quote deeply resonates with him, continually serving as a wellspring of inspiration along his journey. 

Keep Curious, Take Chances! 

In his youth, Furqan was always fascinated by technology and would build his own PCs. He was always intrigued by how things work, whether it was circuit boards or the human body. To him, the human body is the most advanced machine, with its intricate plumbing and electrics. Studying medicine allowed him to delve deeper into the fascinating world of anatomy. He has always been interested in understanding how things work, giving him the passion and curiosity to pursue his entrepreneurial ventures. 
At 18, if he could advise himself, he would say: don't be afraid to take chances and pursue your dreams. Embrace the possibility of failure and learn from it. If you have a passion, like running a coffee shop, go for it. Don't let fear hold you back. We often perceive failure as negative, but it's a valuable experience. Furqan wishes more people would follow their aspirations and take risks, as life is too short to have regrets. He believes that people should be more open-minded and willing to learn from their failures rather than being afraid of them. 
Through books, he has gained valuable insights and lessons from other remarkable tech visionaries, who have triumphed in the face of adversity. Their unwavering dedication and perseverance serve as a testament that consistent effort can unlock limitless achievements. He urges individuals to embrace risks fearlessly, seeing failure as a stepping stone towards greater success, mirroring the paths paved by icons such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. Ultimately, believing in oneself is key for anyone who wants to make a mark on this world. 
In conclusion, Furqan Alamgir's journey has been a testament to the power of hard work, perseverance, curiosity, and continuous learning. His passion for technology, knowledge, and ability to embrace failure have propelled him towards success in his professional and personal life. Furqan's story reminds us that we can overcome any challenge and achieve our dreams with determination, resilience, and willingness to learn. 
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