Join Leon, Paul and Dean as they welcome special guests Josh Connolly and Ed Jenneson. Together, they dive deep into the powerful themes of self-reflection and emotional release.  

Empowering Self-Reflection and Emotional Release: Transforming Individuals for Success... 

In this week's The Hack podcast, Leon, Paul, and Dean are joined by Josh Connolly and Ed Jenneson to delve into self-reflection and emotional release. Together, they explore how these practices can empower individuals to become exceptional in life and business. They also delve into the profound impact of self-awareness and finding a deeper sense of purpose. Josh and Ed graciously share their personal experiences, highlighting the significance of these principles for today's well-being. 
Tune in as we ask our 10 thought-provoking questions specifically to Josh and hear why they believe self-reflection and emotional release through activities such as breath work are essential for creating meaningful relationships, developing resilience, and becoming the best version of yourself. 

Dynamic Duo-Self-Reflection 

In his home life, Josh Connolly is a father of six and a husband. He is a certified breathwork, resilience coach, and top UK mental health advocate. He has the privilege of engaging in many notable endeavours that support individuals in their journey of self-reflection. From creating captivating content to working with corporate entities, Josh delivers various forms of healing and resilience training. Additionally, he extends his impact through online platforms, where he curates a community space and regularly hosts programs that guide individuals towards self-discovery and inner fulfilment. Josh also facilitates a monthly men's gathering in London, Uncommon Man where he incorporates transformative practices such as breathwork. Josh Connelly is committed to helping others find their true selves and fostering a sense of belonging. 
Ed Jenneson is an employment law partner specialist with over 20 years of experience. Recently, he moved to another firm, which has granted him more freedom to engage in client work and other interests, such as public speaking. As a neurodivergent, he has become deeply involved in advocating for ADHD and dyslexia awareness, in addition to his prominent role as an employment law partner. Ed is passionate about exploring different modalities that promote self-reflection and personal growth, seeking to make the most out of life with nothing more than a cup of coffee for stimulation after abstaining from alcohol for many years. For the past couple of years, he has incorporated breathwork into his routine, finding it a brilliant and accessible practice. That's how Josh and Ed first connected, leading them to organise the Breathe to Succeed: Immersive Breathwork For Emotional Release Workshop at The Deep next month. (You can find further details at the end of this blog post!) 

Breathe In, Breathe Out: The Power of Breath Work 

Breath Work is one of the most powerful practices for self-reflection that Ed, Josh, and Leon have encountered. It involves conscious and intentional breathing, which helps to move stuck energy from your body. This process can induce a feeling of profound relaxation as well as stimulate mental clarity and emotional release. It has been used by many renowned teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and many others. 
Josh's was first exposed to breath work changed his life dramatically. He immediately felt empowered by the effect it had on his body. Not only did he feel more energised, but he also began to observe his thoughts in a new way, enabling him to reconnect with himself on a deeper level and create more meaningful relationships with others. 
Ed is keen to explain the vital importance of breath work, emphasising that it gets you into a different state of consciousness and can provide a strong foundation for self-reflection, which in turn will help individuals discover their true purpose and unleash their potential. 
In simple terms, Josh explains,  
"It gets you off your nut by the end of it. One thing is for sure, if you do the breathing pattern and you stick with it after you scream at the end, you will be so out of your head; it'll be like something you've never experienced before in your life." 

Conquering Distractions and Finding Presence 

We often surround ourselves with various distractions, whether it be through indulging in alcohol, drugs, relationships, or material possessions like fancy watches and cars. Many people struggle to connect with their emotions and their true selves. Ultimately, Josh believes everyone is searching for a sense of presence without delving too deeply into philosophy or clichés; when people turn to drink, they seek that sense of presence. It's the primary motivation behind their choice. Stripped down to its core, they want to be part of a group, fully engaged at the moment, and able to enjoy themselves for the evening. Without that, they feel somewhat disconnected. 
In today's world, we are constantly bombarded with stimuli, always accessible and available. There is never a moment where we can truly disconnect, even when we're on the toilet or waiting for the bus. This constant stimulation can take us away from our thoughts and make it challenging to find moments of stillness. However, if we genuinely want to focus on personal growth, finding activities that allow us to reconnect with our bodies and be present at the moment is essential. 

Discovering the Right Book at the Right Time 

The three books have had a significant impact on Josh's life, and he would hesitate to label any of the following as his favourite book now, as he feels that he has progressed spiritually beyond that are "Chasing the Scream" by Johann Hari. While he is well-known for his other works, this earlier book made Josh realise the depth of his addiction and opened his eyes to the broader aspects of our experiences. In that book, he mentioned a writer named Gabor Maté, which led Josh to explore his book "In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts," he became deeply fascinated with his work. Lastly, "The Body Keeps the Score" by Bessel Van Der Kolk is a book he highly recommends to everyone, as it delves into the profound impact of trauma on our bodies. 
When burdened by deep shame, as Josh has been in the past and still is to some extent, one tends to seek confirmation that there is something fundamentally flawed within. Josh discovered that validation when he acknowledged himself as an alcoholic. Initially, accepting the title of alcoholic seemed to validate the shame that resided within himself. It felt like an affirmation of his brokenness as if to say, "You are indeed flawed, and they were right all along." he says he allowed his addiction to define him completely. However, as time passed, his perspective on such matters has shifted. He no longer believes that any single aspect of himself defines him entirely. It is not solely about who he is but encompasses the myriad ways he presents himself. 

Breathe to Succeed: Immersive Breathwork For Emotional Release 

The conversation then shifts to the best £50 or less they have ever spent. Ed fondly recalls purchasing a ticket for Josh's men's space in London in December. It was a transformative experience, marking his first in-person breathwork session. They draw comparisons to Andy's Man's Club, where men feel comfortable discussing issues society may not typically expect them to open up about. It's a safe space and community where men can freely share and support one another. 
As the conversation draws to an end, Leon invites everyone to join them for an exciting workshop on the power of breath work hosted at The Deep, who is sponsoring the event- Josh, along with Co-hosts Leon and Ed, will be giving a transformative and interactive breathwork workshop designed to unlock your full potential in life and business! If you want to reduce anxiety, improve focus, and unlock deeper clarity, this event is for you. 
This immersive workshop will teach you effective emotional release techniques. These methods promise to improve body regulation and pave the way for significant personal growth and discovery. 
Date: Tuesday 26th September 2023 Time: 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm 
Tickets Cost: £20.00 
Registration is now open, but hurry – places are limited! Don't miss this opportunity to transform your life and career. Get your tickets today and take a step toward your personal and professional transformation. 
Book your tickets now and join us on this transformational journey! 
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