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💥📣Edition 33 of The Hack - Navigating Leadership in an AI-Dominant 2024 
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The Leader's Guide to Thriving in an AI-Dominant Era 

In the labyrinth of today's business world, leaders are often at the epicentre of crucial decisions. This role becomes exponentially more challenging when navigating the intricate realms of technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and cybersecurity. 
In Phase One, many leaders adopt a 'Jack-of-all-Trades' approach, managing everything from technology assessment to AI strategy development. However, this method quickly proves unscalable as complexity grows. 
Phase Two is marked by 'Delegation and Trust'. Leaders begin to rely on their teams to manage certain areas, focusing on defining success through measurable KPIs. However, a lack of visibility across units can still pose significant challenges. 
Phase Three signifies a shift towards 'Strategic Alignment and Teamwork'. Leaders need a comprehensive understanding of business value drivers. A well-defined AI strategy can help identify gaps, manage risks, and eliminate redundancies, aligning all team members towards a common goal. 
Finally, Phase Four is about 'Leading Toward Legacy'. With a strong AI strategy in place, leaders can focus on driving strategic growth. The result? A resilient organisation primed to prosper in the digital era. 
Here are some tips for developing your AI strategy: 
Identify and Understand AI Opportunities: Use AI to automate repetitive tasks, enhance decision-making with predictive analytics, and personalise customer experiences. 
Align AI Initiatives with Business Goals: Ensure your AI initiatives directly support your strategic goals. 
Invest in Talent and Training: Develop a culture of continuous learning to keep up with AI advances. 
Prioritise Data Governance: Implement robust data governance practices to ensure the accuracy and privacy of data used in AI applications 
Prepare for Ethical Considerations: Be ready to address ethical issues that may arise from AI use, such as algorithm biases. 
Every leader's journey is unique. However, with the right strategy and support, you can navigate the complexities of AI, leading your organisation towards strategic growth. 

Should Your Business Follow Google’s Security Lead? 

Google has introduced a new security strategy – but is it right for your business? 
It has put some employees on a cyber diet, restricting their internet access to limit potential threats. On the surface, it sounds like a smart move. Google’s approach is like building a taller fence around your house to keep out burglars. 
By reducing internet connectivity, they’re effectively shrinking their digital footprint and making it harder for cyber criminals to find a way in. 
But is it foolproof? Well, not exactly. 
While this strategy does limit external threats, it doesn’t entirely eliminate the risk. 
Think of it this way: you’ve built a towering wall around your house, but your teenager leaves the back gate open. Similarly, internal systems might remain connected to other devices that can access the internet, providing a potential entry point for cyber threats. 
In other words, you can’t just focus on keeping things out. Yes, there are very real threats from external hackers using all sorts of techniques like phishing, zero-day attacks, and malware. 
However, the security industry often overlooks significant threats from within the perimeter. Research shows that insider threats account for 62% of all security breaches. 
These insiders – disgruntled employees, careless staff, or malicious actors – often have legitimate access rights and intimate knowledge of the system and can bypass traditional security checks. It’s like having a burglar who knows where you hide your spare key. 
So, what’s the takeaway? While Google’s strategy has its merits, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Just as you wouldn’t wear shoes that are too big, your business needs a cyber security strategy tailored to fit its unique requirements. 
A robust cyber security strategy should focus on both external and internal threats and have measures in place to mitigate risks from all angles. 
Our advice?  
Instead of simply following in Google’s footsteps, consider your own business’s needs and vulnerabilities. And, of course, if you need help with that, 
Get in touch, 01482 333505 


From the Ring to Resilience: How Luke Campbell Fights His Toughest Opponent. 
This month’s podcast features a special guest: Luke Campbell MBE, Hull's golden boy and Olympic champion boxer. It's been a long-awaited moment, as it took us three years to have him on the show finally! 
Luke shares his journey of mental health, reflecting on his 22-year career. Despite daily training and maintaining excellent form, his head was always filled with boxing. After taking a much-needed break and well-earned rest, he lost the motivation to continue training. Over the next two years, he experienced a tumultuous journey filled with highs and lows, encountering some genuinely challenging moments along the way. 
In the past three months, he decided to return to the gym and prioritise his fitness. During this period, he truly dedicated himself to training and experienced a remarkable improvement in his mental well-being. 
This recent experience has sparked him to be a voice for others and offer support. He acknowledges that while he cannot change the world, helping just one person would be a huge success. 
Tune in to hear Luke's inspiring story and learn more about how he plans to use his platform and voice to make a difference in the world of mental health. In this episode, we dive deep into the importance of mindset, learning, self-care, seeking help when needed, and being open about our struggles. 


Outlook could soon be writing your emails for you. 
Thanks to Copilot (Microsoft’s AI companion), you can draft more concise, professional emails in Outlook, with suggested edits for clarity and inclusive language. And if there’s a long email thread you need to respond to, Copilot can even summarise it and draft suggested replies. 


Get a professional Gmail for your business 
Among all the tools G Suite offers, the most popular is Gmail. Give your emails a professional look and change from @gmail.com to your domain, like @example.com. A professional-looking email address will help you to reach out to clients and partners and to get more email responses. 


““You don’t need to have a 100–person company to develop that idea.” 
Larry Page, co-founder of Google 


In 2021, an Apple II computer manual signed by Steve Jobs sold for almost $800,000 (£658,664) at auction. 
Dropbox, a file hosting service, was founded by MIT students Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi in 2007. It’s now thought to be worth over $9 billion (£7.5 billion) 
The name Wi-Fi was coined by brand-consulting firm Interbrand when asked to come up with a name that was “a little catchier than ‘IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence’.” The term Wi-Fi was ultimately chosen as a pun on hi-fi. 

Did you know.... 

Not to download third-party apps? 
New research has found that an Android app is a trojan (a type of malware) that can record video and audio calls. The SpyNote banking trojan is typically delivered by a phishing SMS; once installed, it’s tough to get rid of. 
How do you avoid it? Simple. Only download apps from official app stores – never via third parties. 

Tech Update 

It’s now easier to grab video stills from YouTube. 
If you use Chrome, Edge, or a similar browser called Arc, a new tool will help you capture high-quality stills from videos. Why might you need this? To highlight key points from presentations and training videos or make note-taking simpler. Right-click on the paused video and select “Copy video frame”. 

Grab Our Done For You AI Policy Template 

Our AI Policy template covers: 
Introduction: Understand the importance and purpose of an AI policy. 
Transparency and Accountability: Learn the key principles of responsible AI usage. 
Privacy, Security and Tool Selection: Tackle bias, privacy, security, and ethical considerations head-on. 
Employee Training: Get guidance on how to educate your team about AI. 
Bias and Editorial Review: Statements on how to minimise the risk of bias and inaccuracies in your content. 

Using ChatGPT or Google Bard 

Prompt Tutorial: Using ChatGPT or Google Bard 
Act as a Stand-up Comedian 
I want you to act as a stand-up comedian. I will provide you with some topics related to current events, and you will use your wit, creativity, and observational skills to create a routine based on those topics. You should also incorporate personal anecdotes or experiences into the routine to make it more relatable and engaging for the audience. My first request is, "I want a humorous take on politics." 


Often pronounced “gooey”, GUI is short for what well-known three-word tech term? 
What does CAPTCHA stand for? 
What popular operating system, launched in 1991, also has its own mascot, Tux, the penguin? 
Which movie was not just the final Pixar movie to be released on VHS but also the first to be released on Blu-ray? 
Which famous tech giant had the company motto “THINK” for over 40 years? 
Answers at bottom of page. 

It’s Time To Turn The Tide On Phishing Attacks 

Phishing attacks have reached record highs this year. Worryingly, in the third quarter of this year alone, phishing attacks skyrocketed by a staggering 173% compared to the previous three months. And malware? It’s not far behind, with a 110% increase over the same period. 
Let’s put this into perspective. Imagine you’re on a quiet beach, enjoying the sun and the surf. Suddenly, the tide starts to rise rapidly. Before you know it, your picnic basket is floating away, and you’re knee-deep in water. That’s what’s happening in the cyber world right now. 
According to a report, the ‘phisherfolk’ group was most active in August, sending more than 207.3 million phishing emails, nearly double the amount in July. 
September wasn’t much better, with 172.6 million phishing emails. 
But who are these cyber criminals targeting? Old favourites Facebook and Microsoft continue to top the charts, with Facebook accounting for more phishing URLs than the next seven most spoofed brands combined. So, what’s the bottom line here? 
Your business could be next. Phishing attacks are like a rising tide; they can quickly sink your business if you're not careful. They target everyone - from tech giants to financial institutions and government agencies. The question is - are you prepared? 
Take a moment to consider the authenticity of emails. Are they from a trusted source? Do they contain suspicious links? Are they asking for sensitive information? 
Make sure your employees are aware of the risks. Encourage them to think twice before clicking on a link or downloading an attachment. After all, a moment’s hesitation could save your business from a devastating cyber attack. And don’t forget about integrated email security solutions and phishing awareness training. They could be the thing that best helps you prevent an attack. 
So, as the tide of phishing attacks continues to rise, remember – it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you need any further help or advice, get in touch. 


Logitech Wireless Ergonomic keyboard 
When you spend hours at your computer, it’s not just your eyes that get tired. Your hands, wrists and shoulders can begin to ache, and you may even develop issues like repetitive strain injury. 
This Logitech Wireless Ergonomic keyboard is the answer you’ve been looking for. It lets your hands move more naturally, reducing stress and increasing comfort. 


If I accidentally close a tab in Chrome, is there an easier way to get it back than searching it up again? 
You can return the closed tab with a simple keyboard shortcut. If you’re using Windows, ChromeOS or Linux, it’s CTRL+Shift+T; for Mac, it’s CMD+Shift+T. 
I’m finding ChatGPT is not giving me great answers and is inaccurate – what am I doing wrong? 
Your question is too general. Also, check for typos and slang… too many and you won’t get great responses. 
I’m fed up having to minimise my windows when I want to look at my desktop – surely there’s an easier way? 
If you’re using Windows, there is! Look all the way to the bottom and right, beyond the date and time, and you’ll find a little sliver of a secret button. Click it to minimise all your open windows at once, then click it again to bring everything back. 

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