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💥📣Edition 35 of The Hack - Is Growth Elusive? 
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Is Growth Elusive? 

Is Growth Elusive? Time to Align People, Processes & Tech 
As leaders, we dream of market dominance and innovation. But often, our organisation's inner workings hold us back. The secret to sustainable growth lies in mastering three insights: 
Insight #1: KPIs Need Ideal Behaviours 
Stellar numbers don't happen by accident. It's your people's daily actions that create success. Foster a culture where the behaviours that drive your KPIs are the absolute norm. 
Insight #2: Purpose & Systems Shape Actions 
Many processes are designed for a result, NOT to nurture positive work habits. Managers, realign your systems – from improvement to basic workflows – to intentionally drive the right behaviours across your teams. 
Insight #3: Principles Are Your North Star 
Principles are the foundational rules behind cause and effect. Understand the principles tied to your success metrics, and the ideal behaviours become clear. This is how you build systems that foster those behaviours 
Signs of Trouble: Ask yourself: 
Confused Teams: Do people grasp how their daily work impacts those big KPIs? 
Siloes & Red Tape: Do your processes create friction instead of fuelling positive, results-oriented behaviour? 
Outdated Tech: Should tools make work easier? If your stack is a hindrance, it's undermining your growth. 
The Path to Excellence 
Growth demands leaders willing to: 
Be Specific: Nail down the precise behaviours that drive your ideal results. No ambiguity! 
System Scrutiny: Evaluate everything – HR, reporting, procedures – do they cultivate the right behaviour's, or hinder them? 
Tech as Amplifier: Tools should boost your team's efforts. Seek those that streamline ideal ways of working. 
This journey isn't about easy fixes. It's about a commitment to the hard work of aligning people, processes, and technology around the principles of how your business, and humans themselves, thrive. 
Your Turn 
I'd love to know your biggest challenges in this area! Share in the comments, and let's continue this conversation in future newsletters, focusing on actionable tactics for leaders seeking organisational excellence. 

Are you really ready to upgrade? 

So, you’re thinking about upgrading your business to Windows 11? That’s a smart move because this update comes with some cool features that can boost your productivity. 
But here’s the thing: it’s not as simple as clicking a button, and SHAZAM, you’re on Windows 11. You need a plan, or you might have messy downtime and confused employees. 
Before you get excited about Windows 11, check which of your current PCs can handle the upgrade. Some older machines might not meet the system requirements, and you don’t want any surprises down the road. If you need to replace some computers, budget for that as part of your upgrade plan. 
Most of your software that works on Windows 10 should play nicely with Windows 11 but don’t take that for granted. Look at all the software your business relies on to ensure it won’t freak out with the new operating system (OS). Some software might need updates to get along with Windows 11, so keep an eye on that too. 
Whenever you’re making a big change that affects your team, you’ve got to have a plan. It’s your roadmap to success. So, what should your upgrade plan include? 
Clear and honest communication with your team about the upgrade 
Training sessions to show your employees the ropes of the new OS 
Help for your managers to guide their teams 
A timeline for when the upgrade will happen and all the communication and training that goes with it 
A plan to handle any bumps in the road and any resistance you might encounter 
A resource to help your team with any questions or issues they have after the upgrade 
Alternatively, team up with an IT support partner to ensure everything goes smoothly and take the weight off your shoulders! 
Don’t go solo on this one; having IT pros in your corner is the best solution. If something goes wrong during the upgrade and you’ve done it yourself, it might take much longer to get things back on track. Let experts like our team handle it. We know what we’re doing. 
Upgrading to Windows 11 can supercharge your business, but only if you plan. 
If you’d like help making the change as smooth as possible, get in touch. 


Elevating Success: Productivity Hacks and Thriving in the Digital Age. 
It's 2024, and we're thrilled to kick off the new year with a bang. It's all about new beginnings, setting resolutions, and embracing fresh opportunities. We are delighted to bring you our first podcast episode of the year, packed with motivation and inspiration for the year ahead. 
In our latest episode, we have a powerhouse trio - Leon, Dean, and Paul - ready to dive into the importance of setting realistic goals, uncovering your unique strengths, and staying motivated throughout the year. Along the way, we'll share valuable insights on how to make those resolutions stick and avoid falling back into old habits. We aim to empower you with the tools and knowledge you need for personal growth and unparalleled success. 
So, grab your favourite beverage, get comfortable, and join us as we embark on this insightful exploration. Let's make 2024 a year of incredible achievements and limitless possibilities. 


Snipping Tool is about to get even better. 
We all love Microsoft’s Snipping Tool, but in Windows 11 is about to get a new feature that will take it to the next level. 
You’ll be able to add shapes (think circles or arrows to highlight content) to your image rather than opening another tool, like Microsoft Paint or another third-party tool. Another great time saver. 


Snip is a Google Forms™ extension enabling teachers to digitise worksheets.  
It allows cropping and saving worksheet sections (instructions, questions, answers) to Google Drive™ that can be directly inserted into Google Forms™, eliminating the need for manual typing and diagram recreation. 


“Don’t be afraid to change the model.” 
Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO of Netflix 


For every 12.5 million spam emails sent out, only one person responds. That might not sound like much… until you consider that more than 14 billion spam messages are sent daily. 
Before becoming the web’s video juggernaut, YouTube was created to be a video dating service. 
The first computer mouse only had one button – and was made of wood. 

Did you know.... 

Teams have become easier to control? 
Microsoft has made it simpler to control audio and video features in team meetings. 
Now, instead of digging through your settings to change your camera or speakers, you can 
simply click an arrow next to your camera or mic button to see your options. 

Tech Update 

This is why you should never use cracked software… 
Software can be expensive. It might be tempting to use ‘cracked’ or pirated versions to save a few pennies, but in reality, the cost to your business could be even higher. 
That’s because cybercriminals are using cracked software to install malware on devices and networks. Once installed, they can access all your data and finances. 
Macs are particularly at risk right now, thanks to a campaign targeting macOS software. Be careful, and always use legitimate software! 

Speak up, Speak Out. 

In the field of leadership development, Paul, Leon, and Scott have flourished under the guidance of Steve Cockram, co-founder of GiANT. Their successful leadership series on The Hack podcast stands as testament to this mentorship. With Steve Cockram’s support, they've reintroduced his GiANT toolkit and software to Hull and Yorkshire through Think GiANT. 
The launch of Think GiANT was marked by an inclusive leadership workshop at The Deep Business Centre. They were joined by guest speaker Luke Ambler of Ambler Training and chair and co-founder of the Halifax-based, nationwide male suicide prevention charity Andy’s Man Club. 
Paul, who transitioned from a facilitator role at Andy’s Man Club to establishing his own mental health first aid training company in 2020, shared his transformative journey. 
From a humble start with no formal qualifications to navigating personal mental health challenges, he credits his involvement with Andy’s Man Club for equipping him with necessary coping tools. This experience culminated in the creation of Think Mental Health. 


Which browser has a hidden game that involves a T-Rex jumping over cacti? 
Which virtual assistant started life as an iPhone app in 2010 before being acquired by Apple 3 months later? 
What year was Windows XP launched to the public? 
Which company invented the hard disk drive? 
What was the first Android mobile phone? 
Answers at bottom of page. 

Does your business have a guardian angel? 

Let’s talk about Alex, who owns a thriving business in a busy town. This business is filled with loyal customers, happy employees, and a treasure trove of valuable data. 
Fortunately, Alex has a good tech in the team behind him, so he knows that Encryption is important – the process that turns your data into unintelligible streams of characters so it can’t be understood by anyone who steals it. 
But for a moment, let’s imagine he didn’t. In this alternate reality, Alex’s treasure trove was left wide open. And let me tell you, things quickly took a dark turn. 
One sunny morning, a group of cyber criminals broke into Alex’s systems. They easily infiltrated his digital vault, swiping customer data, financial records, and employee information. Alex had no idea his precious data was slipping through his fingers. 
Soon, the chaos erupted. Alex’s customers started receiving strange emails, and his employees noticed fraudulent transactions in their bank accounts. 
The trust that had taken years to build crumbled in an instant. Alex was left with a tarnished reputation and a sinking feeling of despair. 
Back to the real world where Alex has his guardian angel – encryption. It’s like an invisible shield that wraps around his treasure trove of data. Here’s what would happen: 
The cybercriminals managed to breach Alex's business and extract data, yet they were unable to decipher the seemingly random characters they had obtained. It appeared as total nonsense to them. 
Alex’s data remained safe and sound, and so did his reputation. His customers continued to trust him, knowing that their information was secure. His employees did their work without worry, knowing their personal details were in good hands. 
The moral of the story is crystal clear. Encryption is the guardian angel your business needs. It shields your data from prying eyes, keeps your customers’ trust intact, and saves you from a world of trouble. 
If you want to be more like Alex and let encryption be the hero in your business’s tale, we can help. 
Get in touch. 


LG Gram +view portable monitor 
Are you on the move with nothing but your laptop for company? Sometimes the screen just isn’t big enough to let you be as productive as needed. 
That’s where this LG Gram +view 16-inch portable monitor comes in. It gives you more screen space on the move or a second display for when you need it. Not only that, but it’s also got a non-reflective display and weighs just 660g for easy carrying. 


Is it ok to connect to Wi-Fi in a café? 
It’s a good idea to use a VPN (Virtual 
Private Network) when using any public Wi-Fi, 
to make sure no one is snooping on what 
you’re doing online. 
Should we use VoIP phones or mobile 
phones in the office? 
While it’s tempting to switch to mobiles, 
VoIP phones have more features are 
more scalable and cost less than mobiles. Get 
in touch for more info. 
Do I need to worry about staff stealing 
Hopefully not, but don’t take any chances. 
Make sure people can only access the files they 
need to do their job, and make sure you remove 
all access as soon as someone leaves the 

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